Singing in the rain? Almost.

August 27, 2011
Yesterday it rained practically non stop the whole day. Of course, it had to happen on a day off, but then this is England after all. That didn’t stop us from going out and doing errands. Of course it did stop us from taking some more decent photos, as the light surely doesn’t help…
The roses were beautiful, covered in droplets of water.
We had lunch at the pub, for a change.
Tried to do an outfit photo, but the light wasn’t really cooperating…
Anyways, this is what I wore;
Headband – H&M
Tshirt– Fred Perry
Skirt– H&M
Cardigan– Primark
Tights– EL Corte Inglés
Shoes– Nanny State

PS: Happy Birthday to me! I’ll be going out to Notts later so I’ll have good fun and more photos to post!

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