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November 11, 2011
Plenty of goodies to look at this week!

Eli no! is a sweet book by Katie Kirk, who also runs Eight Hour Day Design and Illustration. Do follow the blog for regular updates on good quality graphic design and illustration.

Visualization of information is a great thing. In this page, you can see what the world looks like in maps of browser languages.

A must read: 10 rules for brilliant women. Sometimes you cannot remind yourself too much of them.

My thoughts exactly on some street fashion blogs: Street fashion photography is messing with me.

7 High leverage life skills they should teach in grade school. The title says it all.

An old Vogue editorial featuring Gemma Ward, shot in Sintra, Portugal, one of the most magical places in the world.

Beautiful music video made using 288000 Jelly beans. This stop motion animation took 22 months to complete and it is really amazing.

Life and Style tips from a 100 year old lady, from Advanced Style, where else?

Ever wondered what Dita Von Teese’s home looked like? Now you know.

South Africa street style gallery from the Guardian. Very colourful and different.

Jon Crispin has accepted the task of photographing suitcases found in the attic of the Willard asylum, which was running until the 60’s. Each series of photos show the contents of the suitcases brought to the asylum by the patients and tell a lot about each personality.

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