69 year of love.

November 26, 2011
In case you are wondering, the tile of this post comes from the Serge Gainsbourg song, which sung by the funny Mick Harvey and Anita Lane, you can listen to here
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Even though that could be a potentially interesting topic, I am in fact about to write about something else. 1969 might have been a good year for love- I don’t know as I wasn’t yet around- but it was certainly a good year for fashion. This can be attested by the great videos I stumbled upon by accident. The clips are colourful and styled in true 60’s spirit, with music that fits the mood perfectly. As time machines are not yet available, we can at least watch these and be inspired by them.
Have fun and enjoy!
Paris Fashion from 1969
Mary Quant
André Courrèges
And for last, my favourite. It must be because of the mannequins and the styling in general, it somewhat reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange.
Michael Fish

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