Day trip to Somerset part 4 – The stables

November 26, 2011

I finally got to the last stretch of our trip, and the main reason we went to this part of the country in the first place: to visit my friend Iain’s horse as Wolfie is recovering at his friend’s stables.

So as the sun was going down, I still managed to take a few photos of the countryside and the horses at the stables.

Not such a good photo, I’m afraid, but I had to post it to say: this is a 40 year old horse. I’d never seen a horse this old before.
This horse, I was told, is Spanish. He’s come a long way!
It looked like a weird cow in the distance, but no, it is a sheep.

And my dress. I was so busy going around looking at things that I forgot to have an outfit photo taken. Ha well.

It was a very good day, blessed with good weather and beautiful sights. All that’s left to say is to thank my friend Iain for taking us along for the ride, as otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to visit such a lovely part of the country.

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