Inspiration – New Romantics

December 15, 2011
The New Romantics were a short lived youth culture style from the beginning of the 80’s, originating in London’s club scene. Mostly a style over content movement, it is interesting for the theatricality that’s so characteristic of it. Based around New Wave music, it is only natural that so many New Wave musicians and bands adopted the look.

I enjoy the music (hooray for synthpop) and the style for its androgyny, attention to detail and of course, some sort of dark romanticism. It is also a vestige of a time when people enjoyed dressing up a lot more and more individually, before the age of hip hop. I remember watching music videos of new wave bands and being fascinated with the music and eccentric looks when I was a wee kid and I guess it never left me.

(who doesn’t love a Peter Pan collar?)

Steve Strange of Visage

Steve Strange and Rusty Egan

Image stolen from a piece about the Blitz Kids at Shapers of the 80’s, with a lot more yummy photos and information.

And of course, the classic tune Fade to Grey by Visage.

While looking for images for the post I came across an interview with artist Christos Tolera on Fashion’s Most Wanted, that thoroughly describes the feel, places and people of the era. Fascinating.

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    Love the 80s and the new romantic, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Great post!

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