The week in photos!

September 23, 2012

This has been a pretty uneventful week, safe for yesterday, where I traveled to London for the day. Every time that happens, a lot of fun is to be had and it was no exception.

Another pink box arrived through the post. Agent Provocateur has the most beautiful items, the boots are no exception!
Last Sunday I went to a car boot sale in Bottesford!
And after that for a walk along the river Trent with Iryna and Lourdes. After that a little lie on the grass did wonders.
A pair of shoes I customized years ago.
This is the ‘big-Hello-Kitty-headphones-are-cool-and-don’t-you-dare-say-otherwise’ look.

The best place in Grantham is the train station.
I’m getting a bit sick of fashion magazines telling me to go goth every single year every time the seasons change.
I love the fact that Bvlgari put Isabella Rossellini on the adverts for her namesake bag and did not airbrush the hell out of it. Could this be taken as a small sign that things may be changing?

Every time I see this advert I feel like having this haircut again.

Lady Di on a rack, King’s Cross station. I went to London to meet with friends visiting from Norway and a very nice day was had.
Tube station and ride… I get bored, I do get bored.
That’s Nelson.
I found that sign to be quite puzzling. Still don’t know what they mean. 
This is not Sparta!
Plushie Dalek says ‘Exterminate!’ / At the Dr Martens store. 
If you ever find yourself in London don’t miss out on the delish ice cream from ‘The Icecreamists”. Not only the ice cream is delicious, but the whole design and concept of the store are really well thought out. Have a gander at their website here and you will see. I had popcorn and peanut butter flavours but can’t wait to go back for more!
Illuminati beer. 
Coco de Mer is ooh lala! I had seen their stuff online but nothing beats going in to an actual shop. Their website is here  and it is not for the faint hearted and definitely NSFW. Lovely!
Kurt Geiger shoes.
The only souvenir I brought back from London this time. I shall stuff my face with macaroons today over a movie and a drink with a friend.
How was your week? Eventful or not so much?
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  • Reply Diana Teodoro September 23, 2012 at 12:28

    Uh sexy boots!;)
    Mais uma vez queria agradecer o vestido e os pins. A minha irmã adorou, mas ainda não teve oportunidade de usar, com o calor que andou pelo nosso Portugal. Vou lá agora em Outubro e quando ela usar vou tirar foto.
    Diana do

  • Reply ernø September 23, 2012 at 14:57

    very nice trip for you, you are lucky !

  • Reply Amber of Butane Anvil September 23, 2012 at 15:29

    What a bounty for the senses! This week I way overworked, so your post is a vicarious treat: I adore your boots and boot sale and shoe shots, confusing signs, earphones, grass-lying, and DELICIOUS ICE CREAM. I just posted about bloggers I love wearing hearts, and am dashing off right now to edit your link into it!

  • Reply riotdontdiet September 23, 2012 at 15:29

    as botas sao brutais!!
    plushie dalek, queroooo!
    eu quando tive em londres de certeza que nao vi nada de jeito, pq n encontrei nada c/doctor who e tava a espera de ver isso em cada esquina lool

    adoro sempre as tuas fotos, tou sempre a dizer o mesmo lol as lojas, montras aiaia.
    tb me apetece cortar o cabelo assim cada vez q vejo penteados iguais.

  • Reply Megan September 23, 2012 at 16:08

    VERY sexy boots! Gorgeous. You're going to rock those.

  • Reply pastcaring September 23, 2012 at 16:44

    Those boots were made for something far naughtier than walking, Sara! Thanks for taking us with you on your trip to London. Love your tights in the kitty shoe shot, and your don't-mess-with-me face with your head phones on!
    My week? It's been crap, thanks! Ha! Been ill, so I'm in a grump! xxxx

  • Reply Connie September 23, 2012 at 17:00

    So much fun hanging out with you! Yeah, that Isabella ad! I tore it out of a mag and slapped it right up on my wall. I teach a Pilates class to a group of older women, most of whom are aging naturally, no plastic surgery, not a lot of make-up and they are Gorgeous! Their lives show up on their faces and their bodies and it is just beautiful. It is life. Let's Live It!

  • Reply Melanie September 23, 2012 at 17:56

    Excellent. Great boots! Wow. And I love the Hello Kitty headphone shot – I thought for a delightful second, that the black bow on your head was a bird. It would not have surprised me if a wee lovely bird wanted to sit you your lovely head. Now I want ice cream too – from that shop specifically.

  • Reply Helga! September 23, 2012 at 21:43

    O,those Agent Provocateur are to DIE for!HOT!
    What did you buy at the car boot sale?
    It's a good thing you get bored in w ay,as we get some fabulous pix!XXX

  • Reply señora Allnut September 26, 2012 at 20:11

    those boots are The Boots!!, Heeled Fabulousness!
    And love all your pics, the car boot sale, Isabella Rossellini looking gorgeous, Daleks and Dr.Martens!

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