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February 24, 2013

Time just flies. I say this every week.

I got a surprise bouquet through the post! Aren’t they lovely?

Bored, while I was waiting for my delayed train to London.

This is Sylvie, she’s a cutie who likes cuddles and purrs a lot.

From some hipster band interview…

Some more expletives, this time from the restroom cubicle at the Sebright Arms.

Sam’s swagger.

The Krays, on Brick Lane.

“It’s not about you”

My golden shoes that I wore for luck.

J’Amy Winehouse – a poster for a show at a local bar. We were thinking it’s probably a female impersonator.

Musical entertainment at said local bar.

The box.

What’s inside the box.

My first visit to Nando’s, the height of Portuguese cuisine in the UK. I’m wearing Maud Van Den Broeckes ‘s collar. Remember when I posted about it here?


I had a halloumi and grilled veg salad. It was ok except for the fact that it only came with two flimsy slices  (or should I say sheets) of halloumi and sweet chilli sauce, which wasn’t specified on the menu, otherwise I would have asked them not to include it (I’m not a huge fan but it seems that it’s included in virtually every dish these days!). I would have expected a bit more value for the money but then that’s what you get when you have a salad at a place where roast chicken is the specialty. Punishment!

Everytime I see mid century furniture or wares I think of my friend Stacey, who owns Era Atomica in Philly. I was planning on doing a feature on her shop the last time I went to New York and would’ve done it if it wasn’t for Sandy cancelling my plans. Shoot!

I took a lot more photos on my trip to London yesterday which I will post soon. I also met with lovely Jennie of Frocktasia and she is as lovely in person as she comes across in her blog! More details on this to follow.

I hope your Sunday is as relaxed as I wish mine was. I have so much to do!!!! Do the blog posts for the week, do the laundry, take some photos of the lovely things I got yesterday and start packing for my long weekend in Brussels! Meep! I can’t wait!

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @hellothemushroom. Go on, you know you want to!

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