London – Breakfast at The Ace

November 18, 2014



Last Sunday my friend Iain was visiting from Grantham so we went to Hoi Polloi, the restaurant at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch for brunch. It was the best idea ever. I’d been there before but not on a Sunday, and what makes Sundays so special? You get to listen to a string quartet play live while you eat your food and what fun it is! They played modern pop songs by Rhianna as well as The Love Cats by The Cure, among others. It was funny and very pleasant.

And the food? We had eggs benedict with bacon on a muffin and they were yummy. The sauce was light but creamy, the eggs had a good consistency and everything tasted fresh. As for drinks, after the customary cup of tea we ended up ordering a jug of bloody mary, that was absolutely delicious. It was a regular bloody mary but with some (or maybe a lot, depending on how sensitive you are to spicy flavours) kick to it. It has to be the jalapeno! The bloody mary isn’t that strong, so unlike the picture, you don’t leave the restaurant seeing double.


We didn’t book a table and it wasn’t necessary as we were given a table straight away but if you want to make sure you have a seat, you may want to head on to their website to make a reservation.

Have you been to the Ace yet? What other places would you recommend for brunch in London?

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