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July 10, 2015

If you’ve ever been a punk rocker or you still are, the one thing you cannot miss on a trip to Berlin is the Ramones Museum & Bar. If you are a Ramones fan then there really is no excuse! I didn’t know about the existence of this Museum until my friend Gareth, told me about it as something I shouldn’t be missing on my trip. So, I immediately included it in my list of things to see and do and made sure I stuck to it.

My next question and something that surprised me and other people was to why is there a Ramones Museum in Berlin, seeing that the four boys are actually from Queens in New York City? The answer is simple: Flo Hayler started collecting Ramones memorabilia in 1990… A few millions of euros later, the apartment was full of Ramones stuff and his girlfriend wasn’t too happy, so the collection had to be moved somewhere else. This was the best move, as now we can all enjoy it! You will see posters, ticket stubs, records, clothes, guitars and even an old entertainment centre that belonged to Joey Ramone back in the 90’s. The walls are covered in photos and although it’s a small place, you can take some time looking at everything.


When you buy a ticket, you are given a badge and if you keep it, you can always come back and show it – you get lifetime membership for 3,50€. Bargain! The Museum also has a nice cafe and some tables outside, so you can sit down and enjoy a drink in a rock’n’roll atmosphere. There is even a deal you can get – for 5€ you get the ticket and a drink of your choice.


I took a few photos around the place, so I could share them here on the blog. This does not exclude visiting the museum, as this is only a fraction of what you can see.


Dee Dee Ramone photographed in London with Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, infamous for their drug addiction and untimely deaths. There is a film about it starring Gary Oldman called Sid and Nancy, but I’m not that crazy about it.


Me, happily posing with the boys in the background!


This is a sort of lounging area. I’m guessing it’s where some of the live shows they organise are held? I didn’t get the chance to see that for myself though.

PicMonkey Collage

On the first photo you can see one of the iconic black leather jackets and a pair os sneakers, that are part of the unmistakable look the Ramones had. Unfortunately I can’t remember who these belonged to anymore.


And to finish, an overview of one of the museum areas. I had a lot of fun here, I’ll definitely go back there when I return to Berlin – even if only for a beer in great company!

If you want to visit, here are the details you need to take care of:

R.M.C.M. Other Museum For Underground Berlin
Krausnickstr. 23
10115 Berlin-Mitte/Germany

Open 7 days a week
10 am – 10 pm

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