Guest Post – Money, friends and family – 4 ways to kickstart 2020

January 28, 2020

From health and fitness pledges to kicking that smoking habit, this new year has got everyone trying to make better choices and take care of themselves a little more. However, it’s not long before we start to break those promises and slip back into those old habits. So, wouldn’t it be better if we could make some changes that will make our lives better – not just for a couple of months, but for the whole year ahead?

Shaking off the last decade and starting afresh is an exciting prospect, but you may be wondering how you can make this your greatest year yet. Read on for 4 ways to kickstart 2020.

Make some financial plans

Take this opportunity to start planning for your future. Putting some savings aside for a rainy day is always a good idea, or making real progress towards that house deposit you so desperately want – a stocks and shares ISA from Wealthify is a great place to start. If you choose to kickstart your savings seriously this January, think of the financial position you could be in this time next year. You’ll be so glad you took those initial steps to get started.

Keep yourself healthy

Of course, keeping fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. However, most people fall back into old habits after the first couple of months because of the wrong mindset. If you look upon fitness as a punishment for eating the things you love and indulging yourself, then you’ll never be committed enough to “punish” yourself at the gym. So, instead of promising yourself to lose a couple of pounds, pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle and make some simple swaps instead. Ride a bike to work instead of the car, head to a dance class rather than sweating it out in the gym, challenge yourself to hit 10,000 steps a day, and find ways to make exercise fun!

Get more sleep

It’s a fact that none of us are getting enough sleep. Whether it’s due to stressors at work or at home, perhaps you’re up later than you should be due to bad sleeping habits, or your bedroom isn’t sleep-friendly. Kickstart 2020 with a pledge to get more sleep. Avoid screens past 8pm, establish a bedtime routine (they’re not just for children) and make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep.

Spend time with the people you love

It might surprise you that loneliness is a common aspect of many adult’s lives. Thanks to our busy lives at home and at work, feelings of loneliness and isolation are common, which then go hand in hand with depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. This new year, break the cycle of loneliness and reach out to those who mean the most to you. Pick up the phone and call your parents, make plans with friends and go through with them, enjoy mealtimes with family away from the TV and have conversations. Having regular contact with those you love the most will help kickstart the new decade in a constructive and mentally positive way.


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