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Banned from the pub

August 30, 2013

The only thing we can do after work where I live is go to the supermarket, the movies or  to the pub. I’m not a huge fan of going out these days (I must be getting old or it’s just that my levels of tolerance have decreased) but sometimes it is surprisingly fun. That was what happened that Friday: we went out for a couple of drinks, dinner and ended up in the karaoke bar where we had a good time. (And didn’t really get banned from the pub).

So here I am, crowned by a chandelier:

Details: Dress – H&M (via Ebay), Shoes – H&M (£10, on sale), Big Rose Ring – H&M.

Disco night!

Don’t miss out on the best karaoke performance I have ever witnessed.

I’ve been on holiday for a few days, I will be editing those photos and sharing some stories next week! Happy Friday and a lovely weekend everyone!


Come to Peterborough!

July 29, 2013

As it is my plan to visit as many different places in the UK as I can, Rebecca and I went to Peterborough on a shopping trip the other week. We had so much fun! The place is not particularly charming (except for the cathedral area as all historical places are interesting in my book) but it was certainly a good variation of what we can find in Grantham, which is not a lot. There are a lot of shops to go into so we visited the sales at H&M and Primark, had a gander in the charity shops (I did find a couple of interesting things, yay!) and crowned the day by visiting the best shop in town – the Sue Ryder vintage shop.

What I wore: Silk Dress – Bought brand new with tags at the Salvation Army in Florida, Bag – Target, Shoes – Office (via Ebay), Head Bow – H&M

The Peterborough cathedral is definitely worth visiting. I didn’t take any photos inside but I will tell you that the abside (the circular bit behind the altar) was absolutely breathtaking. The stone archways and all the details on the ribbed vaulting which are typical of gothic architecture have been the most beautiful I’ve seen in a while. Also the wood ceilings are profusely decorated and worth spending some time looking at them. I had no idea that Catherine of Aragon (Henry the VIII first wife) was buried there and apparently Mary Queen of Scots was there until she was moved back to Scotland. I always like these little brushes with history when I go visit places.

A bit of Art Deco architecture doesn’t hurt anyone. A simple example of it but still very elegant nonetheless.

We finished the shopping trip by visiting the Sue Ryder vintage shop. It was great: everything is organized by decades and there was a lot of good stuff to look at and buy. The prices are not dirt cheap but still fairly affordable. I fell in love with one of the fitting rooms, going in there with all the pink, the antique mirrors and collages just made me smile.

This handsome boy was helping collect funds for a great dane rescue society. He was so nice and friendly, he even smiled for the camera!

All in all I had a really nice day with Rebecca in Peterborough and hope to do another day out like this soon. I am adding this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Have a lovely week everyone!


Chaps and chappettes

July 19, 2013

Last Saturday I was in London for one of the funniest events in the calendar – the annual Chap Olympiad! This is organized by the lovely people over at The Chap Magazine. If you have never heard of it I definitely recommend taking a look at their website and quiçá signing up for it. I know I have.

The Chap Olympiad is humorous and entails competing in a large range of difficult sports like ‘Passing the Port’, ‘Bread Basketball’ or ‘Not playing Tennis’. In the end the bronze, silver and gold cravates were awarded to those who had exhibited the most sporting prowess. I am glad to be able to say that I knew the gentleman who won the first prize – remember Russell Nash, the really nice tour guide? Well done!

The event was held at Bedford Square Gardens, which was closed to the public for this function. Besides watching the sports, you could sit on the grass and have a picnic, walk around and see some of the wares on sale (not a lot of stalls but I don’t think most people were there to shop anyway), have a ‘vintage massage’, a new vintage inspired hairdo, sweeties, ice cream and other things to eat. Cloudy lemonade and Pimm’s flowed freely and were extremely refreshing on a very hot day. One of the best things to do was of course, walking around and marvel at the dapper gentlemen and well dressed ladies. In the age of casual wear, dressing to the nines is the ultimate act of rebellion. Turn your revolt into style!

What I wore: Minty Dress – Dorothy Perkins (via Ebay), Bag – good old faithful camera (and everything else) bag from Target, Matching Pearl Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set – JC Penneys (present from Mr D’s Grandma), Hair Flower – H&M (on sale), Black Shoes (unseen) – Peacocks.

The spirits were high, there was a good atmosphere and although I got there a bit later than expected I still had a great time. I am definitely a convert to the Chap Olympiad and I hope to be there again next year.



A day at the races

July 8, 2013

Last Saturday I headed to Leicester to attend the Ladies Day at the racecourse. Not that I am a fan of horse racing (it was actually my first time attending such an event) but it seemed like a fun day out with friends especially because the Blow Monkeys and Human League were playing at the end of the event. Brill! The day was extremely hot and it would appear that we are entering a week of extreme heat. Not that I’m complaining, the extreme heat here is pretty mild compared to what my friends are suffering through back in Portugal. At least I finally get to wear my sandals!

One of the things that I love about living in the UK and the Brits is that most people love dressing up. Any occasion is good to bring out a fancy dress or a hat and I didn’t want to be left behind on that. I didn’t manage to photograph a lot of the interesting hats I saw but you can get an idea.

I didn’t bet on any horse, I don’t care about gambling but one of my friends won on one of the races.

The bookies, doing their business.

The lady in red…

One of the beautiful ladies out there. oooh la la!!!

I wanted to wear my tulle puffy skirt that I got from the Dandy Lion vintage market in London a few months ago, as I don’t get many occasions to wear something like this. I paired it another vintage find, the hat, which doesn’t get many outings either… All in all the best opportunity to wear these things.

Details: Hat – Vintage, thrifted at the British Red Cross, Tshirt – The Pixies, via Ebay, Skirt – From the Dandy Lion Vintage Market, Sunnies – Moschino, via TK Maxx, Saddle Shoes – Predictions, Satchel Bag – Target, Bangle Bracelet – H&M, I don’t remember where I got the pink leggings from. I had to wear them for modesty as the skirt is highly see through!

After they caught me photographing them above, they also wanted me to take a photo with them. I willfully complied as you can never have enough photos  with cowboys.

Waiting for Human League to come up on stage…

… and there they are.

I had to go back after a while to join the rest of the group and did a little video of the last song – Together in Electric Dreams. Pay attention to the loved up couples. I thought it was funny.

Don’t forget to sign up for the eyewear  giveaway, it would be great to get 50 participants so they can give one lucky reader a pair of glasses totally free! Otherwise it will just be the six $20 discount vouchers.

I am adding this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Have a lovely week everyone!



Summer in the city

July 1, 2013

Last Saturday I joined my friend Iryna for a shopping trip in Nottingham, as we are picking an outfit for her stage performances with her band, MuHa. It was a lovely day out, the sun was shining (for most of the day), we talked giggled and looked at clothes. I also treated myself to a sushi lunch at Bonzai, it was tasty!

Balloon man even posed for the photo!

Lately I’ve been enjoying photographing people on the street. This time I was walking and this guy caught my eye, I thought he looked good and had a nice smile. I asked if he minded if I took a photo and he said yes! Turns out his stage name is Bright Lite aka Block, he’s a hip hop artist and gave me one of his cds. Thank you! You can find him on Facebook  and Twitter if you’re curious.

Beautiful red strawberries. Summertime is my favourite time of the year.

We stopped for a lemonade. It was delish!

Moo! Details – Jacket – Primark (on sale), Skirt – Ebay – Bag – from a swap with Lili, Orange Cardigan – H&M (via Ebay), Black Tshirt – H&M, Loafers – Pull and Bear, Name Necklace – Christopher James of London. Funny story about the necklace (you can see it below), I ordered it and requested for the name on it to be Hello the Mushroom. Unfortunately that was too long for the cutting machine so I just had to settle for plain old Sara.

Found this amazing jacket at Oxfam. Unfortunately it was too big. I loved the golden trim on the lapels and the embroidered detail on the pockets. As I couldn’t buy it I thought I’d register it for posterity.

After Iryna left I went to the Nottingham Contemporary gallery, for a really good exhibition, The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things. It has to be one of the best shows I’ve seen there, featuring a collection of seemingly random objects, curated by Mark Leckey

Just a little sample. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend a visit. See some more of what’s on show here.

 After all of this, I sat in the sun for a bit and it felt fantastic, see the happy face?

I am adding this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Have a lovely week everyone!