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Spring Cleaning

May 27, 2015
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Lately I’ve been clearing my closet, like massively. I’ve talked about having a clearout  and also the fact that I’m just gaining weight… Lack of space, a change in body shape and if I’m honest, a bit of a change in style as well, are prompting me to shed clothes and accessories like there is no tomorrow. I am really struggling each morning to put outfits together and sometimes I feel like getting a flame thrower and just starting from 0 again…

Just this weekend and after a few weeks of Spring cleaning, I ditched five bin bags full of stuff and it was very liberating. The reality is, a lot of my clothes really don’t fit anymore and while it would be great to be able to go shopping, I really can’t afford to buy new clothes at the moment (I’m going travelling soon) . When Joe Blogs contacted me about a blogging competition to win £1000 worth of Yumi dresses, I jumped at the opportunity. I have a couple of dresses from the brand and they’re usually so cute, that I wouldn’t really mind adding a few more to my closet and as I need attire that fits me,  getting a whole new wardrobe would be amazing. I already picked my favourites and everything! The weather i also changing and is calling for lighter pieces, for that Summery feeling and these do just the trick.

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Upcycle with Currys

April 3, 2015

Last weekend I was invited by Joe Blogs to attend another great event, that promised to be not only fun but to also get the creative juices flowing. This was organised in conjunction with Currys and we would be upcycling a washing machine drum. If you ever wondered what happens to the washing machines they take away when you buy a new one, now you know – they end up in blogger’s workshops. When I was in school back in the 90s, I had the idea of using the washing machine drum as a lamp but never really did it, so it only took me some 20 years to actually do something. Also it seems like other people had the same idea – great minds think alike and all that!

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