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OOTD – Exploring Southwark

January 12, 2015

The other weekend I went out around the Southward area with my friend Kirk, as we now have the same camera and thought it was a good idea to go out for a walk to practice photography. The day was horrendously cold, meaning a great deal of layering had to be done. However, I removed the coat for the outfit photos, because gorgeous army jacket. Hello, how cool is it? This was also one of my Xmas gifts from Jasiminne and Henry, from their shop Regimental Vintage. It was another one of the pieces I wore for the photoshoot that I absolutely fell in love with. I love me some militaria, what can I do?

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OOTD – Lost in Blue

January 5, 2015

Having a few days off between Christmas and New Year was a much needed break from work and the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends, go to the cinema and go out and explore the city during the day. This one day in particular, I went to the movies to see “Paddington”, which although it is a children’s film, it was very entertaining. It made me laugh and that’s exactly what I needed to do. We go the tickets and went for a walk around Islington, to kill time before the film and of course, do an outfit photo, as opportunities for these tend to be scarce these days.

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OOTD – A stroll through East London

November 20, 2014



Last weekend I went to East London. Strolled through Brick Lane, Hoxton and loads of other areas. As always, I took my camera with me and took many photos. I will share those over the next few days. For today, here’s a rundown of what I wore.


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London, Style

What happens when you die?

September 8, 2014










I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Not particularly about when I physically die, but what will happen to the photos I’ve been posting online all this time?

What if someone saves my photos in a hard drive? What if that hard drive is found some time in the future, in a flea market or something of that sort? Will I be gracing the pages of the future Pinterest as an oddity or a typical citizen of our time, wearing some funky clothes? Anonymously, most likely. Just an anonymous smiley face like many others.

We will never know what’s going to happen, but I would like to think that we (by we, I mean anyone who takes pictures these days, particularly digitally) don’t do it in vain. If my photos will give some future lady the same pleasure I get from seeing fun photos from past decades, it’ll all be worth it.

Photos taken as usual, at the North Acton Cemetery, during a lunch break. Will be joining the ladies over at Visible Monday with my simple outfit, comprising a TK Maxx dress, a second hand satchel, some tights bought on sale from Primark and some really really old sparkly Zara flats. . I am also happy to announce that there will be lot’s of blogging this week around these parts. Yay!


Share In Style – White

July 21, 2014

According to recent blog posts here on the blog, it would appear that I currently spend my life in cemeteries. It’s only half true – I still go to the one close to work almost every day.


That said, I ended up spending a couple of hours at another one of London’s Victorian cemeteries (Bromptom Cemetery) the other weekend. It’s quite big and overgrown. I took a few pics, of course. Do not think this was a gloomy day, because it wasn’t. It was sunny and the crickets could be heard all around.






this is what I wore on this particular day: vintage dress from ASOS Marketplace, Irregular Choice shoes and white bobby socks from Primark. Yes, that’s the only white thing about this outfit, but oh so important. (I’m adding this post to Mis Papelico’s Share-In-Style)