Food – Get me to the Greek

May 16, 2016

If you live around Broadway Market in East London or visit it occasionally, it is likely that you will have stumbled upon this gem set on a side street, off the main road. I’m talking about Isle of Olive, a Greek deli and supermarket where you can eat what to me are probably the best stuffed vine leaves in London. (I’m sallivating just thinking about them, seriously…)


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March linkage – the best of the month!

April 1, 2015

Another month gone… Time keeps flying and slipping right through my fingers. It’s been a trying month, a lot of work to be done on my day job, a lot of blog work, covering events, reviewing products and it all became a bit overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love going to events and trying out all the lovely things I get sent but these days it seems like all I do is work. I’ve gotten to the point that I was seriously risking burnout, having paid a visit to the walk in service at the hospital to be seen by a doctor as I was exhausted beyond words and seriously unwell. I didn’t collapse but I felt like I could. I’m not saying this to be taken pity of, or be a debbie downer, it’s just that I want to do so many things, there just isn’t enough time!

I’m taking some action to slow down – I am from now on and for the time being doing only one event per week and staying home more often. During this time I plan to take better care of my surroundings – I’m reorganising my stuff and clearing out my room – and I’ll carry on doing that more often, so my room is comfortable and a place I actually enjoy spending time in. I’m taking up embroidery again, as it is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and it’s also very relaxing. As I will have more spare time, I also plan on writing more creative blog posts – I have so many ideas, just not enough time to do them! I also plan to do a lot more drawing, which I hope will be good enough to share on here, as I haven’t done it in so long.

It would appear from what I just said that I’d still be doing a lot of work. Maybe so, but I like to keep myself busy but I think that by changing the nature of the things I occupy my time with, I will feel a lot more relaxed. I think the next few weeks will be quieter than usual, at least until I feel like I’ve recovered. Until then, enjoy the reading materials that have caught my eye during this month:

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Literary speed dating – yes, you read that right!

March 30, 2015

I got an email from Original Dating with a different speed dating proposal: literary speed dating. As I’m interested in trying different things (I’m now on my way to become a speed dating expert, it seems haha) I thought I’d participate. At least this time the likelihood of meeting someone I might have something in common with is higher, as at least all the people there all will like to read. I was hoping for a lot of geeks I could have some interesting convos with and for sure my librarian style glasses won’t go amiss.

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Healthy Cookery Class – at the Smart School of Cookery

March 13, 2015

The other week I headed down to the East Side (can I call it that?) for a very special event, at the St Katharin’s Docks – a healthy cooking class with Stu, the chef, organised by LV who regularly promote healthy living.

The evening at the Smart School of Cookery was great, filled with good food, seeing new as well as some familiar faces and learning a few things about cooking a few Asian dishes the healthy way. and of course, we got to eat all the delicious foods in the end.

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February linkage

March 1, 2015

February, the shortest month of the year. Although it was short, that didn’t stop me from being busy as usual. Pancake Day celebrations, Fashion Week related events and other amazing things. It also needs to be noted that I tried porridge and deep fried Mars bars for the first time – going further into my acculturation process. I’m practically British, no?

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