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Style – Leaving London

October 10, 2020

It’s been two months since I’ve arrived in Norwegian shores and I’ve been meaning to write a little bit about the last few days and the adventure it was to get here.

The last few days before I left London I managed to fit in a lot of things – my stuff had already left, the cat and I had all the necessary documents so, all that was left to do was see friends and say goodbye to the city that was my home for so many years.





On this day I travelled for the last time in the tube (for a while at least) to go meet with my friend Chris at Tate Britain to see the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition. I wore one of the handmade masks my friend Marta sent me over from Coimbra. Lovely! It was a really nice time and to be honest, a much better experience than the last time that I visited the gallery – due to social distancing it was actually possible to see all of the artwork without having to queue, as it happened at the William Blake exhibition.

Many thanks to my friend Chris for taking the photo of my outfit:

Backpack – Town and Country (from TK Maxx)

Lime ‘Champion 96’ Slogan Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Black Bubble Trousers – Primark

Sneakers – New Balance (via TK Maxx)

Cat  Socks- can’t remember the name of the brand but they were a gift from my boyfriend




The next day I went to the Brick Lane area and attended the opening of a friend’s new Asian streetwear store. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Riri, for whom I designed a tattoo a couple of years back. If anyone is interested in visiting the shop, it’s called Xu London and is a multibrand store – the style reminds me a lot of the 90s.

I picked an outfit that also reminded me a lot of the 90s, so here’s the rundown:

Lilac Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Wide Leg Trousers – charity shop

Coral Furry Sliders – Primark

It was a fun end of the day, as I got to see my good friend Ross, and took one last trip to Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane where I was fed a steady diet of mojitos. What a hangover I had the next day, but totally worth it!



On my last day in London and despite the massive hangover, I dragged my butt out of the house and visited one of my favourite places, The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities at The LAst Tuesday Society. It’s based in Hackney on Mare Street and it’s a wonderful little place – the ground floor is a bar, where you can drink wonderful cocktails, mostly featuring absinthe, as well as a display of taxidermy and art. I had my birthday party there a while back, at the Austin Osman Spare room, surrounded by artwork by the latter. You can buy a ticket and access the basement, where you will find the Curiosity Museum, which is filled with a variety of objects, ranging from books with funny titles, more taxidermy, interesting objects and even the gilded skill of a rhino that belonged to Pablo Escobar. What a place! Definitely recommend a visit to anyone into the unusual.

Thanks to the staff member who took a photo of me in front of the facade

Facemask – from a set I ordered from Ali Express

Blue ‘California’ Graphic Print T-Shirt – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Black Bubble Trousers – Primark

Light Pink High Top Sneakers – Vans (not in the photo)





The next day Thomas and I got on an Uber to Victoria Station, where we met our friend John, who very graciously had agreed to lend me a hand on the train to Dover. Considering all the luggage I had with me, I called it “Operation Bag Lady”. Despite all the stress in anticipation, it went rather smoothly, thanks to the super nice staff at the station – including the baggie who drove all my stuff from one end of the station to the right track and even let me sit on his vehicle while he had a coffee I got him as a thank you for all his kindness. It was lucky that they weren’t too busy as people have been avoiding travelling due to Corona, but it did help make the last few hours in London a good memory, before leaving on a train to Dover.

For that day I decided to wear the Stay Home t-shirt, as I thought it was amusing, considering I was leaving home!

Pink ‘Stay Home’ Slogan Print T-Shirt – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Black Bubble Jeans – Primark

Trainers – New Balance (via TK Maxx)

This was the day that I was reunited with my partner, after we were separated since lockdown started. Although we lived in different countries before, this was the longest separation we had. We were both very happy to be reunited!


The next day the three of us embarked on the ferry in Dover, arriving at Dunkirk a few hours later. It was sad and emotional but I also felt happy to start a new chapter in my life. Thomas was a real champ as we drove across Europe for 3 days, until we finally got to the top edge of Denmark and got the ferry into Norway without a hitch.


More chapters to come, when I manage to make more time for blogging. It has been a real whirlwind of things to do, between creating artwork for a solo show opportunity, a radio show interview in Oslo, a giant paste-up for a festival in Germany and generally unpacking my belongings and decorating our apartment. Phew! All hard work but totally worth it!

Style, travel

Style – Art Trip to Hamburg

April 28, 2020

What a strange time to be alive! I’ve been meaning to do this post for weeks now, but for some reason, it just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was the shock of being in lockdown and isolation, who knows. But what has to be done must be done eventually and I actually felt like revisiting the photos taken on our trip to Hamburg.

I was invited by Bona Berlin to participate in the “Femmes Vandales” art show at the UrbanShit Gallery in Hamburg, alongside many other super talented female artists, as a celebration of Women’s Day. It seemed like a great excuse to go back to Hamburg and have a nice weekend away. This was an action-packed weekend and I was exhausted by the time I got back to London but it was well worth it. It very lucky that we managed to do it as things started getting a bit worrying regarding coronavirus by the time we were flying back. The next day I went into self-isolation and later an actual lockdown was announced by the British Government. Sadly the exhibition had to close early due to the lockdown in Germany but keeping everyone safe is the most important thing.

As for the clothes packed for the trip, I timed it so I could wear the new pieces I eas gifted from Femme Luxe, and put together versatile outfits, reusing some of the pieces (like the hoodie and the boots, for example) every day as we travelled with cabin luggage only.

It was a great vernissage and opening night on Friday, seeing old friends and meeting other people I only knew by name on Instagram.


The show was full, with new people coming in all the time, I would class it as a great success!


Some of my pieces, all pizza-themed, under Caro Pepe’s portraits. I also showed the skateboard I made for the show in Cologne back in November, as it was still in Germany.



Some of the art on show, featuring artists from all over the world.



What I wore to the vernissage:

Brown Hoodie -Primark (bought on sale)

Gold Glitter Sparkly Shift Mini Dress – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Pink Boots  – Dr Martens

Bunny Bag – Local shop

The weather was very cold and the rest of the weekend was extremely busy, meeting people, making art and generally having an awesome time. Saturday was time to head to the area around Mathildenstrasse, to meet with other artists and put up some art. We did a pit stop at Marambola’s workshop, to do a collab with China Girl Tile and plan our outing. If you visit the Karolinenviertel area you will be able to find some of my art, as well as a few pieces I brought from some of my artist friends in London. Huge thanks to Marambolage for letting me borrow her pens and put up some paste-ups on her workshop’s facade!




Some of Marambolage’s pieces and two tiles by China Girl Tile, one of which I customised and gave it the skull and rainbow treatment.


As I knew it was cold and we would be running around with friends, we took the outfit photo at the room we rented for the weekend:


Pink Lace Puff Sleeves High Neck Top – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Bunny Bag – local shop

Nude SLip – Primark

Red Scalloped Skirt – Roman Road Market in East London

Pink Boots – Dr Martens

Sunday was no less busy, I headed out to do a lot of pasting with a few more artists from the art show, and we ended up having the opportunity to collaboratively decorate a trailer at Anderswelt, an all-day sort of club. This was organised by Bona Berlin and it was a great time!



Happy dorky smile, haha.



The completed bit – I wasn’t too happy with the skull, as I am not used to drawing at that scale, but it was fun to do a few drips, as I hadn’t done any dripping for quite some time.




I planned on wearing something practical for that day and it worked out quite well.

Black Oversized Sweater Mini Dress – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Black Knee High Socks – Can’t remember! They’re pretty generic.

Pink Boots – (You guessed it) Dr Martens

It was super fun to spend more time with the other artists and do something a little bit different.

The next day we still saw my friend Michel before he got his train to Berlin and we had a few hours to go around and see a bit of the city (even though we had to take many breaks, as I was pretty exhausted by this point). Later on, we headed to the airport and that’s when we started hearing news about the virus spreading in Europe.

This is what I wore on that day:


Black Polka Dot Organza Mesh Top – Femme Luxe (gifted)

Nude Slip – Primark

Black Pleather Trousers – H&M (on sale)

Pink Boots – Dr Martens

It was a wonderful weekend, had a great time with my boyfriend, my friends and making new friends. I can’t wait for things to regain some normality, so events like this can happen again. Until then, stay safe and wash your hands!


Travel – Hiking in Nittedal, Norway

May 29, 2019

Lately, I have been feeling a bit tired… of social media, of the constant pressure to produce new artwork, making rent etc. As certain things cannot be helped – like paying the rent, for example – I’ve taken a step back on artwork and eased up on social media. This has been great as I have been dedicating myself to other creative projects that have been on hold plus spending more time tidying the space around me… Which is also important in order to restore the balance.

That said, I find that nothing is better to feel better in yourself and in your mind than travelling and spending some time in nature… and that’s exactly what I did the last time I visited Norway to see my boyfriend’s family!



We went on a hike on the mountain around Nittedal, which is fairly close to Oslo. As you can see, the views were glorious… but then all of Norway seems to have been designed to be perfect and beautiful looking!

e followed some of the easier trails, as I haven’t been on a hike for years… It’s something I used to enjoy a lot and I am glad that I will be doing more of, when I spend time in Norway, particularly.


One thing that I can’t help doing anywhere I go is taking pictures. I am far from being a nature photographer but I have to say that I really enjoyed this. This time I only used my phone but I am hoping that I can bring my DSLR the next time I fly in for a visit.

I can’t complain too much about lack of greenery in London, as it’s one of the cities that has the most trees, but somehow, being in the middle of nature, in the middle of nowhere can’t be beaten by all the London parks… I think that not being around millions of people has quite the calming effect!


Another thing that I realised is that if we continue going on hikes like this often, I will definitely need some appropriate clothing. We picked up a pair of snazzy purple hiking books this time as it was the most important thing… I haven’t had a pair of proper hiking boots for years… but I guess that I will slowly have to build a hiking wardrobe as my city clothes aren’t at all fit for this purpose!


We walked up to the little mountain shelter, this was built back in the 1960s and it’s for communal use… and people are respectful and keep it tidy, as well as leave coffee and other things behind for others to enjoy. How nice!


I had fun checking out all the little details, such as the wooden fish or the old pots and pans hanging in the shelter.


Besides flowers and bees, we didn’t get to see much wildlife but we did spot a bunch of moose droppings, so we know they’ve been around. They’re usually very shy animals and keep away… and that you have to be careful not to annoy as they can get angry and dangerous.


It’s a shame that the photos don’t really convey how beautiful the sunlight looked, coming through the trees… img_0389.jpg

This is the kind of thing you only see in an actual forest and it’s beautiful… The colours and the shapes are definitely inspiring and very stimulating to the imagination.


There is a little lake at the bottom and that’s where we got the water to make tea and coffee… a change from getting it from a tap haha.


So here we are, at the end of a glorious yet tiresome day. It was all worth it, though and I would love to do it all over again!





Travel – 10 days in Sesimbra, Portugal

August 16, 2018
sesimbra featured

Last week I got back from a 10 day holiday in Portugal, which is where I am from originally. It was the first time I visited in a year and a half and it was great to go back. We stayed in Sesimbra, a small town by the sea where you can enjoy the beach and the sun all you want.

I stayed mostly in Sesimbra and took little trips in the vicinity to do some sightseeing. There are lots of things to see around there, especially if you fancy exploring historical spots.


The first spot we explored was the castle, a structure originally from medieval times, is worth visiting not only because it’s fun to climb up on its walls but also because the view from it is stunning, as it is perched on a hill.


We then proceeded to visit the town centre, where it is somewhat touristic but still pleasant – and not too crowded. It’s also been cool to see that they’ve had a few artists come in and create sea and fishing themed murals, that really fit in with the old construction style.


The area not only has historical spots but also places of geological interest – especially if you’re interested in palaeontology, as there are several areas where you can go and see dinosaur tracks, such as the ones we saw in Zambujal.


Further down the same road, you can also visit Cape Espichel, where you can find the old lighthouse (and some abandoned structures that used to support an antenna), as well as the Nossa Senhora do Cabo sanctuary, a pilgrimage spot popular in the 17th century and now virtually abandoned, save for the church.




While we were there, some days we suffered immensely with the heat, as there was a heat wave coming in from the North of Africa. We stayed cool by going to the pool or the sea and protecting ourselves with plenty of sunscreen, so we were prepared. If you are planning on going away on holiday as well, Groupon has a few discount codes for Argos, where you can stock up on beach appliances such as towels and windbreakers.


I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared against the sun, especially during a heatwave. Luckily Argos has all the necessary accoutrements necessary to spend our days at the beach as comfortable as possible – which is what we did! The windbreakers were a lifesaver, with the strong winds that occasionally rose up and insisted on throwing the sand at us! Umbrellas are also super useful and when they’re colourful they make for some cool photos of the beach, with all the colourful circles spread around.  


Apart from the beach in Sesimbra, there are other beaches in the area that are worth visiting, such as Ribeiro do Cavalo. We ended up not descending down to the beach as I didn’t think it was safe to do in flip flops but with appropriate footwear for climbing it should be worth a visit. At least we got to see the nice views of the area!


It was 10 days of sun, beach and good food – not to mention great company too. So, coming back was a bit sad… but there’s always next year again!


Travel – Driving away from London #HiddenDrives

January 15, 2017

Driving in London is, I am told, an absolute nightmare. I say that I am told as I’ve never tried it myself. However, having taken driving lessons before I moved to London, I really enjoyed driving in the countryside around the small town where I used to live.

As I never got to get my driver’s license (it’s somewhat useless in London, especially if you can’t afford to run a car), it’s always fun when a friend decides they feel like driving somewhere. It has happened before and the last one I did with friends was a day trip to Brighton, to go see the sea, the sun, the street art and do some sticker bombing. That is always my first destination if I feel like a day out of London, as it’s also easily accessible by train from London and the train fares aren’t prohibitive.

Brighton, as lovely as it is, isn’t the only interesting place in Britain (thankfully) and there are many other places one can go to for a day or weekend out, without having to go abroad. Sometimes it’s nice to avoid all the airport confusion and luggage drama and keeping it simple.

Another driving trip I would love to do at some point would be down to Cornwall. I’ve watched way too may TV shows set in Cornwall and it really made me want to go and see it for myself, but really be able to go around and visit several towns and see all the beautiful beach scenery. Maybe even try surfing, who knows?


Also around the Southern part of the country, are the fossil hunts you can do in some of the beaches around Dover – it’s on my bucket list and I will have to do this someday, as it’s not that far from London either.

Avebury is also a destination that I hope to drive to at some point, as I would love to go see the Neolithic stone cromelechs (stone circles) and explore the area. Stonehenge would also be interesting but I’ve been told that you can’t get too near anymore so it’s a little bit disappointing.

All I need to find now are friends willing to drive and wanting to go to these same places. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?

PS: This post has been done in collaboration with Words and opinions are my own!