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Office looks – totally inappropriate looks for the office

October 21, 2013

Fashion and technology are two different fields that have something in common – it’s all very fast paced and changes occur all too quickly. You buy a pair of trendy shoes and next thing you know, they’re sooooo last season. You buy a new mobile phone and the following day, they come up with a newer one with improved features. It’s a losing game trying to keep up but it’s this change that allows for improvement, particularly with technology.

It is fascinating, the amazing things you have available nowadays. Who would say, 10 years ago that we’d be blogging from our mobile phones and that the tiny camera on them would be a lot better than the expensive (and very crappy) digital cameras we had back then? I know I didn’t see this coming when I had my silly little blog over at Livejournal. I am nonetheless extremely happy about this, it makes my life so much easier. I mean, I love my nice (and bulky, ufff) digital camera but it’s good to be able to ditch it every now and then and still know I will have decent photos with enough quality to post on the blog to document my outfits. It’s amazing what you can do with a mobile phone these days and if you look for it, you can find an app for doing most anything you want. Maybe except the dishes or walking the dog.

One of my favourite daily activities is documenting my outfits, mainly because it is very rare that I repeat any combination, and I do it mostly with my phone. I usually have to pester one of my friends at lunch time to take these photos but it’s for a good cause! Here are a few outfits from the last few months that I haven’t had the chance to share before:

Details: Shoes and T-shirt – Forever 21, Skirt – Rodier (it was my mum’s), socks and ring – Primark, Bag – TK Maxx, Headscarf – Zara

Details: Headband and Skirt – H&M, tights – Calzedonia, Boots – Rocket Dog, T-shirt – David and Goliath, (both via TK Maxx), Cardigan – Zara

Details – Tshirt – Band tee from Los Campesinos, Dress – H&M, Headband – Delia’s, Sandals – Irregular Choice, Bag -Target.

Which one is your favourite? I’m sharing this with Patti’s Visible Monday!