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OOTD – I’m Much More Interesting on the Internet

April 13, 2015

Sometimes you find something so very amusing that you have to get it and make it part of your life – and that’s what happened with this t-shirt. I saw it somewhere and turned to Ebay immediately to get my own and was lucky enough to find it! The irony of it cannot be lost on a blogger, right?

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OOTD – Red and Blue

April 30, 2014









Happy middle of the week AKA Wednesday. In my case, Wednesday must be the new  Friday as I am having Thursday and Friday off. As next Monday is a bank holiday, hello super long weekend!

Today I have an outfit to show you. My friend David took these photos the other week when he was visiting and I think they look pretty good. I’m wearing one of my favourite colour combos – red and blue. The boots don’t get enough wear for their awesomeness. They’re like the boots a glam rock super hero would wear, don’t you think?

Details: Headscarf – New Look, Skirt and Tights – H&M, Shirt – Ralph Lauren, Cape Coat and Cardigan – Zara, Bag – Ahcahcum Muchacha, Boots – Irregular Choice, Necklace – c/o Name The Necklace



I, the London Fashion Week virgin

February 17, 2014

Yes, I had never been to the London Fashion Week before. Not that I have been now, but as I was right on the other side of Somerset House to see the exhibition Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! (which, by the way, I highly recommend) and decided to go and have a look at what was going on. Unfortunately photography wasn’t allowed in the exhibition so I couldn’t take any images to show you, just this one, taken by the entrance.

I was with my friend Lala from Ohlalali, and by the time we arrived at the entrance on the other side we could see that a lot of people were already leaving. I think most likely because the sun was starting to go down, as there were still shows going on, for what I gathered. Nonetheless, there were still plenty of people hanging around, taking photos or waiting for someone to ask them to take their photos. I was only there for about 20 minutes, took some photos of a couple of people and left as there was nothing there to see, really. I didn’t really understand why people will go and spend their days hanging around if they’re not either working or attending the shows…

These girls scandalized me, because it was goddamn cold!!!

Regular blokes – having all the fun.

Fab hair.

Cute looking girl.

And this is me… wrapped up very warm as I am still recovering from a mofo cold. This photo was taken in a much less stylish location – in front of Tesco’s! Haha. Details: Coat – Zara, Metallic Leather Skirt – River Island (both from a swap with my friend Lili), Knee Highs – H&M (on sale), Bag – Ahcahcum Muchacha, Pink Boots – Doc Martens (via Ebay), Ivory Cashmere Jumper – from a jumble sale, Cardigan – H&M (via Ebay), Scarf – secret Santa, Hat – it was my Mum’s.

I am told I may be given some decent photos of the Fashion Week shenagigans to post later in the week, so stay tuned!


A fabulous weekend in London

September 15, 2013

I have to say that I’m still feeling the effects of attending the Blogcademy event in London last weekend. I have TONS of new ideas and I think I would need 3 more blogs (a a lot more free time too) to be able to put them all online! Hmmmm…..

Anyway, I haven’t shown the photos I took that weekend of London and of what I wore, as I know most of my readers like to see them outfits! So here are the sights and some of my clobber.

I arrived in London on Friday night and stayed at the Umi hotel in Bayswater. I had booked a single room for the night as I figured that would suffice to rest my bones after the trip down and after the blogging sessions. The hotel wasn’t fancy but it had all the basics I needed and was comfortable enough. I even got to watch a bit of telly before falling asleep!

I didn’t take a lot of photos in town that day as I managed to arrive late and was in a rush to get to the venue.

I nicked this photo from Nicole from A Life Less Beige, as I don’t have any of me on that day! With me on the photo are Tina of I Love Lotta and Sara from Under the Vintage Veil. I was wearing a Primark cardigan, Topshop wire and rhinestones cat ears, the skirt I bought from TK Maxx, for a song. I love it because it has a somewhat vintage feel to it, although it isn’t – the pattern has some sort of tropical landscape. The t-shirt I was wearing is from Pull and Bear and it’s got a maneki neko on it.

The next day I left the hotel and dragged my suitcase through the Underground system. I had by then learned a better way to get to the studio where we had the class. That taught me that you can’t always trust Google Maps directions!!!

As always, you can find some cool street art, particularly in Shoreditch where I spent the last weekend!


Of course, I had to use these as a backdrop for an outfit photo! The building looked super cool and I wish I had more places like this around where I live.

What I wore on Sunday: Ears – Crown and Glory, Necklace – Head Full of Feathers (both from the Blogcademy goody bag), Jacket – H&M, Dress – Monki, Bag – Ahacahcum Muchacha, Glitter trainers – Springfield.

The Gerkin, in the magical hour. The photo can’t convey the beauty of the colours of that moment.

I also thought I’d share some Robert Indiana love with you.Hope you enjoyed it! I’m sharing this post with the ladies at Ariane’s Blog Hop.



Look at my fun bags!

August 21, 2013

If you read what I wrote yesterday you will know that I have been tidying my room and my stuff. I got to the conclusion that I not only own too many shoes but I also own too many bags. I also noticed that I don’t have a lot of nice, professional/grownup looking bags  but they tend to be a little bit on the fun, silly side. Nothing wrong with that, right? After all, I do the totally inappropriate looks for the office theme here fairly often.

As the weather is still nice I thought I’d make a little photo shoot of some of my favourites in the back garden. I was pleased with the results and I think they could well be in a hipster magazine, if I may say so myself.

 The Water Can Bag

I got this Pylones bag on my second trip to Oxford, from a shop that deals in mostly unusual things called Octopus. Although I’ve only worn it out a couple of times (Mr D forbid me from wearing it out with him haha), I love having it in my room as it is so cute.

The Cat Bags

These are by one of my favourite Japanese brands, Acahcum Muchacha. The larger ones you might have seen with some of my outfits already. The little ones always come as an accessory to the larger ones and they are very cute, although not very practical. I just like having them hanging on my bedroom door, I guess.

There were some peacock butterflies enjoying themselves in our garden. This Summer was the first time I’ve ever seen them since I live in England and I think they’re really pretty.

The Dotty Bag

This one is by Irregular Choice and I got it fairly cheap from Ebay. There are shoes that go with it but I haven’t managed to get them at a nice price yet. (emphasis on yet).

So that’s it. I have more but these are the cutest bags I own, hands down. Which one is your favourite?