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Art – Satanic Flea Market – Xmas Edition

December 13, 2016

Recently I participated in my first market ever, with my artwork. I recently started spending more time creating art as a therapy and found that I was starting to run out of room for all the pieces. As I had good feedback from friends and Instagram followers, I applied to participate in the Satanic Flea Market back in October. I was very happy to find that I ended up being accepted and would have a small stall at the Xmas market.

I had a great time – friends came over to visit, chatted with a few people, had great feedback on my pieces and met some incredible artists. And of course, sold a couple of pieces.

I didn’t take my camera with me as I had enough materials to carry but I took a few pictures with my phone. Not the best but it’s good enough to have an idea and celebrate my very first market!

Hello The Mushroom Art

As you can see, I had a few reworked pages on display. Sometimes people think these are digitally made but they are handpainted using Posca markers. I am planning on eventually making prints, though. Also, the frames have been hand glittered by me. I found it to be quite a soothing activity.

Hello The Mushroom Art

A picture of my first customer and the piece she bought. It was actually one of my favourite items. Also, some pictures of a few people who stopped by my table. I learned afterwards that the girl with pink hair is actually Girli, a British pop artist. She was super nice and put my sticker on her skateboard straight away. The bottom right photo is the world’s youngest Psychic TV fan – a 7 year old cutie who was wearing one of the best battle jackets I saw on the day.

Hello The Mushroom Art

I was also very lucky and some of my pieces caught the eye of a few Instagram followers, who were kind enough to buy the pieces pictured above. They all went to the US, so there is a little bit of me on the other side of the ocean now!

I really enjoyed the experience, even though I didn’t sell too much. I have learned that in this sort of market it is also good to have a few cheaper items such as patches and badges as a lot of people look for inexpensive items to give away as gifts. I had a lot of fun and this was the most important result I needed.


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Art – Oslo Street Art Photo Diary

March 28, 2016

I’m still working through a backlog of nice photos that I haven’t shared here yet. These were taken with my phone (Samsung Edge S6) when I was wandering the streets of Oslo back in September. As someone who appreciates street art, I couldn’t have left these cool photos out. I have no idea who the artists are (except maybe for one of them) so if you have any inkling of who made these, please drop me a comment. Enjoy!


Pez from Barcelona

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Art – Berlin Street Art

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! As I am spending a couple of weeks in Germany for the holidays, I thought I’d share some not yet before seen pics I took of street art in Berlin a few months back. I am hoping to have a few new ones to share after I get back in the new year as I will be spending a few days there as well.

Berlin is a great city and there is some amazing street art to be seen, everywhere! I am afraid I don’t have any details about who the artists are so if you know something about who the creators of these pieces are, please let me know in the comments! In the meantime, enjoy all the colour and sense of humour!

Warning: this is an image heavy post.

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An evening with Brion Gysin and Mike Jay

September 16, 2015

Recently I had the fortune of visiting the October Gallery on a very special evening. Not only I was able to peruse and get better acquainted with Brion Gysin’s work through the exhibition Unseen Collaborator but also attended a lecture by the writer and cultural historian Mike Jay on the Club des Haschichins and some of the ramifications of hashish consumption and the Assassins in modern culture.


Starting from the beginning… who was Brion Gysin? To most people, he might be more familiar due to the association with William Burroughs, well known in mainstream culture due to the film adaptation of his book Naked Lunch by David Cronenberg. The cut-up technique was also widely used by Burroughs but it had been, in fact, invented by Brion Gysin. This long time collaboration is also very present in the show, as there are a few pieces and photos, showing Burroughs.

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London – ArtHome, a different kind of stARTup

July 20, 2015

ArtHome.London is a new concept, putting ART in the London startup scene (see what I did there?). Last week I visited their headquarters/gallery based in Bethnal Green in London and was well impressed with the project.And what is it, you might be asking?  ArtHome.London, as also mentioned on Wired Magazine, Tech City News and Mashable, brings a revolutionary concept to the London art market. Basically in the spirit of shared economy and making life easier for Londoners and their ever shrinking living spaces, this company offers a monthly subscription service for art you can hang on your wall. It’s that simple, you pay a monthly fee and you can change the painting in your living room as often as you want. Sometimes the simple ideas can be the best!

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