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Best of August – life & internet

August 31, 2015

August is now done and dusted. The last month of Summer (or rather, the last month when we are allowed have an expectation of decent weather) has been quite busy, with events and social gatherings around town. It’s always a good thing because, in the Summer, you want to go out, stay out and make the most out of the rays of sunlight.

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The best of June – in London and on the Interwebz!

June 30, 2015

June has gone in a flash. Am I the only one thinking the same? I don’t know why I get this feeling, maybe because the weather has shown some signs of improvement, with some pleasant sunny days thrown in for good measure. Also the fact that I have been super busy with my trips to Berlin and Lisbon as well as family and friends visiting. Here’s a bit of a rundown of some of the exhibitions I have attended, recommend but couldn’t take photos at, along with some random pics I took around London!


During these visits I was a bit of a tourist in my own city and went to Kensington Palace, where you can visit the Queen’s Chambers, the garden around it as well as two very interesting exhibitions: Fashion Rules and Victoria Revealed. Fashion rules shows a few gowns from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana’s wardrobes and show why their style was so influential. Victoria Revealed shows us a collection of objects and artifacts that display a more human side of Queen Victoria. Both are worth visiting!

I also attended the Shoes – Pleasure & Pain exhibition at the V&A, which I thoroughly recommend, for obvious reasons. The shoes and boots on show are not only a dream (the majority of them) but also great testimonials of human history. Personal favourites were the David Lynch/ Christian Louboutin fetish ballet flats. Unfortunately photos were not allowed, so you’ll have to go and take a look yourself!

Another exhibition worth visiting until the 31st of August is Fashion on the Ration, at the Imperial War Museum. I took a couple of photos with my phone until I was asked to stop. they weren’t all that good, so I’m not sharing them and will admonish everyone who is in London until that time to go and see it for themselves. My friend Jasiminne from Posh Broke & Bored did a good write up on it, so you might as well go and read it there!

PicMonkey Collage

These are my news of the month and as always, I’ve found some nifty morsels of interestingness all over the interwebz: crazy cat lady conventions, catvertising and how to tell if your co-worker is an asshole, among other equally amusing things. Have a look after the jump!

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The Best of the Month – April 2015

May 1, 2015

The month of April is now done and dusted and it feels like I haven’t been able to accomplish much. Life hasn’t been the easiest this past month – in terms of health and mood. Thankfully the weather seems to be improving and the sun brings a lighter perspective on things (how did you like that turn of phrase?). Anxiety and stress have been plaguing me as of late and I am coping the best way I can, by eliminating sources of tension and finding hobbies to make me happy. Sometimes the brain plays tricks and distorts reality and it’s terrible when it does so in such a negative way, like a mirror in a funfair house of mirrors.


I have now taken up embroidery and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of my attempts. I am now anxiously (of course) awaiting the delivery of the colouring books I just ordered. It would appear to be a new fad, colouring books for adults as everyone seems to have discovered how relaxing colouring can be. I’ve been doing it for years, being a failed artist and all, but now I can do it on fancy books. Result!


To relax and get my mind of work, I also read stuff around the internet, some more serious than others… Here’s a selection of the best of the month, along with some photos I took on the London Underground. Enjoy! (And if you have any suggestions of things to do that are relaxing, please leave me a comment).

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