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Simple SEO tricks bloggers should know

December 1, 2015
Simple SEO Tricks

I have been blogging at Hello The Mushroom for the past few years and to be honest, for a long time I’ve always heard things get thrown around about SEO all the time. “What is SEO? What can it do for you and your blog? Does it really work?”. Who hasn’t seen these floating around the internet or wondered about it themselves?

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London – Street Art Photography Walk #LumiaStreetArt

August 21, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough or at least on social media you will have noticed how much I appreciate street art. There’s just something about it that has always fascinated me, something that started years ago when I still lived in Lisbon. It’s not like I’m an expert, but I know when something catches my eye or appeals to my sensibilities.


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The Tattoo Files – Sarah from The Laughing Medusa

April 29, 2015

In this edition of The Tattoo Files we get to meet Sarah Lambert, a fellow blogger who I have had the chance of meeting in the last year. She blogs over at The Laughing Medusa, covering a variety of topics, that span between London life as an expat, personal style (which is adorable, by the way), and motivational texts, to help you discover your perfect life.

We finally met at some blogger event, after following each other on Twitter for a while and immediately I realised that Sarah was not only super nice, but also had an impressive tattoo collection. She is after all, a girl after my own heart, with her colourful hair, tattoos and quirky style, so immediately I wanted to feature her on The Tattoo Files. After all this time I finally got her to answer some questions about her body art, which I hope you enjoy!

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Bloggers Love Fashion Week Party

February 27, 2015

I’ve been meaning to attend a Bloggers Love event for a while but it hasn’t materialised until now. Bloggers Love is a platform that organises events, both online and offline, to connect brands with bloggers and this Gossip Girl themed occasion seemed like a good opportunity to go down and see what was happening.

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