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Night at the Bowling Alley

October 11, 2013

Last week my friend David was visiting as he always does every 3 months (he works for the same company in Lisbon and has to come in regularly for meetings) and I thought we should do something different. As I’ve only been bowling once before, it could be a fun experience. I was right and we both had a great time at Tenpin in Grantham.

We went in, bought a few games, got our special bowling shoes and after a few Big Lebowski jokes – talking like Jesus, the John Turturro character and pretending to polish our bowling balls – we got to play. As we are no pros, we played it with the barriers up so that makes it easier – at least the chances of actually hitting something are higher.

Strike! (I wish)

Picking a bowling ball for me is really easy – being petite (the nice way of saying I’m a hobbit) means I can’t lift the heavier ones, not to mention throwing them down the bowling alley.

We were very well treated by the staff, who were extremely nice and courteous. We even got the manager to explain the rules of scoring, about which we were very confused!

Outfit details: Braided Headband – H&M, Angora Cropped Cardigan – H&M (via Ebay), Dress – Target (from one of my Florida expeditions), Shoes – Irregular Choice, Bowling Ball – Tenpin’s own.

After 3 games of bowling we decided we still wanted to have more fun and played Dance Dance Revolution. For those who have no idea what it is, I’ll explain: You have a screen and a panel on the floor with “sensitive” tiles (they feel you stomping on them , the poor things). You have to listen to the music and follow the cues given on the screen of which tiles you should be stepping on. We danced to Billy Ocean and Duran Duran as they seemed to be the most mellow songs on there. Being totally unfit and inexperienced, we figured it would be the safest choice. Nonetheless we had a laugh playing it and I can tell you it was a proper workout. I’m not surprised that some of my friends use their home versions to do some cardio exercising. I can tell you it’s a lot more fun than the gym! Maybe I should get myself one too…

Do you go bowling often? How about Dance Dance Revolution, have you tried it yourself?