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Happy Easter!

April 4, 2015

This week I was pleasantly surprised when a chocolate Easter egg landed on my desk courtesy of Dragonfly Tea. When I cracked it open I was surprised to find some extra treats inside – a few new tea flavours for me to try: Swirling Mist, Emerald Mountain, Cape Malay Chai and Golden Himalaya. Thank you Dragonfly Tea for the lovely gift.


I wish you all a lovely Easter, filled with chocolate, tea and fluffy bunnies!


I love Tea – with Dragonfly Tea

January 14, 2015
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Tea has been part of western culture for centuries, having been brought to Europe originally by the Dutch in the 17th Century. They seem to have started a trend that stuck! (Maybe we can write about other things the Dutch are famous for but that will have to be left for some other time).

I may have mentioned this before – I am a tea person. I can’t really drink coffee as I don’t like the flavour nor the aroma. For this I am occasionally made fun of because being Portuguese, I should LOVE coffee, the stronger the better. As this is not the case, when I want to have a hot beverage, tea is my go to option and I have never met a tea that I don’t like.

That said, Dragonfly Tea sent me a few flavours to try, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

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