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Things to do in Edinburgh

May 15, 2014


If you’ve been following my blog you will know that I went to Edinburgh for the long Easter weekend. Me and my friends had a great time so it’s only fair that I share a bit of the highlights of the fun things we got up to and that you can do too!


Harass the locals for photos – I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t bother them but some girls had already asked so I just stepped in. I’m glad I did, how good looking are they in their kilts?


Visit the Castle – It is not only the oldest building in Edinbugh but also houses the crown jewels collection. Come by at 1pm to see the One O’clock Gun being fired. For opening times and ticket information check their website here.


Go for an afternoon tea – I recommend the Doubletree at the Hilton on Bread Street, at £12 per person – the amount, variety and quality of the food is a pretty good deal. If you’re a vegetarian they will make you extra sandwiches. I stuck to the Scottish salmon sarnies and they were delicious! My blogger homies Lynsay Miss West End Girl and Jennie Frocktasia joined me and we had a lovely time. The next time I go I would also like to try the Missoni Hotel, it looks lush!


Go visit a Museum – there’s plenty of them to choose from in Edinburgh and a lot of them free. This time I went to the Scottish National Gallery and it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of the grand masters. Rembrandt, El Greco, Lucas Cranach, Raphael, and more are represented in this gallery, along with other fascinating pieces. I myself love looking at the way fabrics and other details are treated in painting – the way light is reflected, the textures – and classical art is very rich in these themes.


Walk around and explore – There’s so many interesting details and architecture to look at. Edinburgh is so rich in history and you can really feel it when you move around.I would say that it is that kind of city where you can really feel a special energy when you’re out and about exploring. There’s vestiges of human settlement in the area as early as the Mesolithic, followed by Bronze and Iron Age, although the more recent architecture from the 17th century onward is more evident.


The Greyfriars Bobby – Pay your respects to this famous dog, which is said to have guarded the grave of his owner for 14 years, in the cemetery across the street.


The Greyfriars Kirkyard – A burial place that’s been used since the 16th Century but with a lot of Victorian funerary art. If you’re a closeted goth like me,you will like this place. There are also accounts of paranormal activity in the yard but sadly I was no witness to any of it.


Ghost walks – Speaking of paranormal activity, as the city is known as the most haunted place in the UK, there are plenty of organized walks and tours that you can take. Some can be done during daylight, but I prefer to do them at night, for that extra spookiness. We booked a walk with Mercat Tours and weren’t disappointed.



Vintage shopping – There are plenty opportunities for shopping and my favourite was Armstrong’s, a second hand and vintage emporium at the Grassmarket. Even if you’re not buying, it’s well worth paying a visit, as it is filled to the brim with treasures. No inch is left uncovered and you will see lots of authentic pieces from the early 20th century. Check out their website, as you can also shop their Ebay page.

PicMonkey Collage

Check out the This is Edinburgh website – It’s the ultimate guide of things to do when you’re in Edinburgh. Lyndsay checked it and found out that we could go and have a free photoshoot, as part of the Style in the City event. How cool was that? Don’t forget to have a look to find out what’s going on during your visit!

Here’s a little video of my friends and I wandering the city. Music by The Cooling Pearls, used with permission. Check out their Soundcloud page here.




Easter in Edinburgh – 1st day

April 23, 2014


My friends and I took the opportunity to take a short vacation up in Scotland, more specifically in Edinburgh, because of the 4 day long weekend. I’d been there before in the early noughties for Hogmanay and it was very different to see the city in the sun, as opposed to covered under a layer of snow.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, its Gothic charm and history is very appealing to my aesthetic sensibilities. Although we got there at lunch time on the Friday we still managed to walk around and explore a great bit.




As a lot of walking was going to happen the most sensible thing to do is to wear sensible shoes I can actually walk on. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to road test the Shoeps shoe lace replacement, by Gumbies. The laces on these Converse were getting a bit manky so I just binned them and put the Shoeps on them. They did really well, after walking for miles they didn’t snap and are really comfortable. Now I want to have all the colours so I can make a Shoeps rainbow on my shoes! What else did I wear? Easy: Dress – Yumi (second hand), Cardigan – Fat Face (not a brand I usually shop at but I had to pick it up one time at the airport when I realized I had put my cardi in the checked baggage, d’oh!), Shoes – Converse All Star (found brand new with tags in a charity shop in Lisbon, aeons ago), Long Sleeve tee – Primark










As always, I have lots of material to show you. Will be posting over the next few weeks, hopefully. Have you ever been to Edinburgh too?