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The cats of Morocco

January 20, 2014

You go to the souk, cats. You walk down the street, cats. You sit down to eat outside, begging cats. Cats, cats, everywhere cats. It felt like paradise! Of course I had to take load of pictures of them. Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

“Come on, push your leg higher! No pain no gain!”

Snoozing cats are also a main theme on here.

It was the very first time I’ve ever seen cats begging at the table like dogs.

Some of he cats look dirty and scruffy but they always look well fed, happy and relaxed.

Any place is good for a bit of a rest. Even a scooter.

Little kitteh, sat outside the fabulous Topolina shop. More on that very soon!

I’ve never seen cats ‘talk’ so much like they did in Marrakech. As you will see, I have several photos of cats with their mouths open. They’re not hissing or being unpleasant, just being vocal in asking for attention and cuddles.

Move over Hans Silvester, I can take cool photos of cats with blue backgrounds too!

 What’s better than one cat? Two cats, that’s what!

Stretchy stretchy!

I don’t know what this little one was asking for. After all these years I still haven’t mastered catuguese.

Ginger cat (another one).

“Yes, I’m tucked away here, with the rest of the merchandise. I’m a very organized cat.”

“What have you got for me, buddy?”

I can see the ZZZZZ coming out of his little head.

A very regal lady, at the Saadian Tombs.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

Cat naps can be taken anywhere.

“Hey, give me some of that good looking fish! I’m waiting!”

Happy cat.

This little lady reminded me so much of my cat Biryani it was uncanny. She was also very sweet and we clearly took a shine to each other as she didn’t leave my side the whole time I was sat there.

This one could be titled War and Peace.

This post is getting a bit too long, I need a nap.

 Kitty says bye!

I hope you enjoyed these – they were all taken in Marrakech and Essaouira. I have lots of posts to do about Morocco but I’ve been putting it off as I am a bit under the weather at the moment. I will try to do it asap, little by little. Have a lovely week!

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