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Weeks and weeks have passed

October 20, 2014


Just because I’ve been quiet, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything… Au contraire! The last few weeks have been hectic but with my own laptop broken and not enough free time, pictures have been accumulating. As such, here’s a condensed picture post about events and things I did around London Fashion week! Better late than never, I suppose.



Ada Zanditon Couture Show at ME Hotel.








Did a lap around Somerset House, just for the sh*ts and giggles.








Walked around Battersea with Aminta from Aminta Online and Victoria from Style Marmalade, following and documenting their Walking Povera art project.






Coqui Coqui and Hacienda Montaecristo launch at Fenwick of Bond Street.


#First International Football Tournament – Vodafone

July 23, 2014



Last week I attended an event at the Arsenal football stadium. I can hear some of you who know me well say “Whaaat? What were YOU doing in a football stadium?”. I can assure you that it was for a good cause! I am not a huge fan of football but the whole idea behind the Vodafone #First campaign is to make people’s dreams come true, so I guess that was worth it. You may have seen the viral video of the old ladies that had never flown before, and this time, they brought a team of young lads from Ghana to play with a team in London. How cool is that?

“Work hard and remember where you’re from”

Those were the words Sani, the football coach said to the boys as they started their journey to the UK. Those are wise words and good advice to anyone, I would say.

I am sometimes a bit cynical when it comes to advertising but, in this case I think Vodafone did a nice thing. Much better to help a few people achieve their dreams and try something for the first time they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, than pay a bunch of celebrities to feature in their campaigns. Seeing the happy smiles on the boys’ faces was certainly worth it and it’s the kind of thing that makes you feel happy just for watching.

I had a lovely time with other bloggers and the ladies from Tribal Media. thank you so much for the opportunity to see this first hand!

Watch the trailer here:


Pure London overview

February 14, 2014

Last weekend I attended Pure London, the UK’s main fashion trade show, where brands and designers show their wares to potential buyers and stockists. It’s a professionals only event and I was invited to come and see what was going on by Mod Dolly, who was showing AW14/15 at the New Brits section, supported by the UK Trade & Investment. This event was held at the Olympia and saw thousands of people come and go.

Mod Dolly’s lookbook for AW14/15. I’ve seen the whole collection and trust me, there are some yummy pieces in it! Here’s a sneak peek. Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone.

Bicycle print and sequins – my eyes always get drawn to these things!

Bursts of colour everywhere.


Pure London

The most unusual shoes in the whole show by Julian Hakes. Shoes designed as a work of engineering/ architecture. I’d love to try them on.

Met two lovely ladies for the first time – Adora from Adora Mehitabel and Tara from The Style Rawr. We all did a fun photo at Blogbranch‘s photobooth.

<b>My favourites:</b>

There were a few Portuguese brands showing their wares at the event and my favourite was Ruga – lots of colour and the boots below: both of them are gorgeous, the glitter and the furry ones…. and I was told they had them in more colours. Oh dear… there goes my bank account…

Snarling lips by MissCo Girl – attitude! Taking the lips purse to the next level.

Olivia Burton‘s vintage inspired watches.

Thanh Cong Vu Studio – We’ll be hearing more about this up and coming designer. His gowns are absolutely gorgeous…

My absolute favourite bag of the day- The cat bags by Larissa K. I will have to own one. Not only they are cute but they’re also versatile, as you can exchange the flaps! What a great concept and very nice ladies – I even saw the photos of the cats the bags were inspired on. Swoooooon!!!!

As we are on the subject of cats: how amazing is this collar? The other side has little hearts too. I nearly died when I saw it and all the cat themed items from Sugarhill Boutique! I’m sure it’ll be selling like hotcakes – all my friends loved it too!

The Zatchels pastel satchel bags… I’d like one of each please, for each day of the working week. they look great and they’re made in the UK!

I think I should also mention Nooki Design. I ended up not taking a photo, which was really silly of me but I got so distracted by the cuteness of their bunny clutches that all rational thoughts were just gone. click on the link and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

I hope you liked this little tour as much as I enjoyed the event.

Have a great weekend!