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Something’s bugging me…

January 3, 2014

It’s become increasingly clear that with the proliferation of new platforms, no person or company can become the master of them all. Nor should they. The harder decision is figuring out which ones you should prioritize — or jettison.

I read this article at the Harvard Business Review blog and it made me wonder about all this social media/ blog etc. Sometimes I feel like I am spreading myself too thin – I barely have the energy to come up with posts some days, and having to keep up not only with the blog but also maintain the relationships developed over the time (which I love, by the way) and also be on top of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and have a life offline, can sometimes be a little bit daunting. I really want to know other people’s views on this. How do you do it? which ones are your favourites?

Photos by me, taken in Florida.


Billy Bob and Lurleen

August 7, 2013

Billy Bob and Lurleen sat in their backyard drinking Freedom Salute, before hitting the beach that day. Dang it was hot! Loads of fun nonetheless.

The last time I was in Florida was on Memorial Day and as we don’t know when we are going to be in America again, we dressed all patriotic and got into the spirit. I came up with our alter egos Billy Bob and Lurleen and it was fun. So after picking up a couple of cans of Freedom Salute we also picked up the outfits at Walmart. Sadly I didn’t see any of the interesting people you can find there.


I’m going to Disneyland

August 5, 2013

Remember the song? I actually went to Disneyland yay! I managed to convince Mr D to drive us to Orlando for one day when I was visiting. I thought I probably wouldn’t be travelling to Florida on purpose to go to Disneyland as Mr D is now in Europe, so it would be the chance of a lifetime to go and see what childhood dreams are made of.

We only got a ticket to go to Magic Kingdom as we only had one day to explore the parks. As soon as we arrived, walked down Main Street USA where there’s lots of cute shops and I got myself a pair of Minnie Mouse ears as soon as I got there. It had just stopped raining and it was still a bit cloudy here and there but that wasn’t too bad otherwise it could have gotten a little bit too hot.

As we arrived around lunchtime we started looking for a place to eat. We don’t really like fake food and plastic hot dogs so we tried to find something slightly better and we did. We ended up dining at the Crystal Palace, where you can have a varied and unlimited buffet for around $25 a head. It was surprisingly good, with a large variety of veggies and side dishes. I had some tilapia with several types of salad and it was delicious. We had table visits from Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh. I did see Tigger as well but Mr D wanted to escape before he made it to our table as he is not big on these things. (He wouldn’t admit it but he was actually having fun).

After our lovely lunch we headed to Adventureland, looking to have some, well… adventure. Instead, we found some ducks. Just kidding, we found Robinson Crusoe’s tree house and that was fun. I enjoyed being up in the tree, makes you want to have a real tree house to live in.

What I wore on our expedition: Dress – H&M (via Ebay), Gold Sandals – Topshop (thrifted), Tote Bag – belongs to hubby, he got it from a design festival in Melbourne.

The Enchanted Tiki Room must have been one of my favourite attractions. You can’t help but smile while the birds and the plants descend from the ceiling and sing their Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room song. Amazing how it’s now 50 years old and still going and still putting smiles on people’s faces. Unfortunately photos during the performance are not allowed and the ones I took prior to it starting don’t make it justice.

We then headed to Frontierland where we queued for almost an hour to ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was worth the wait as we had so much fun! Mr D wasn’t a big fan of rollercoasters but we both ended up enjoying it and having a laugh.

We also went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at some point, before arriving at Haunted Mansion. I loved this ride too, it was so well made and fun, the illusions were almost perfect.

We then wandered around for a bit, as by this time we were already starting to feel a bit tired. We weren’t in the mood for queuing for hours so we ended up skipping a lot of rides and headed to Tomorrowland.

There we had something to eat at a space style cafeteria and decided to go to Space Mountain, as everyone on Facebook was urging us to go there (did I mention there is Wifi everywhere? I kept updating Instagram haha). We queued there for over an hour and at this point we were starting to feel a bit desperate as my feet hurt and we were tired… but as we were there already, we decided to brave it and wait. Well, it was definitely worth it. It is probably the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever been in my life. On our way out we also saw Stitch’s Great Escape, which was surprisingly funny, although it was more for kids.

We did a little photo op on the way out. I must have the only husband in the world who tells me “Don’t Smile!” when he takes my photos. In good time we took the nice photos as we were then caught in a 10 minute shower, which made us get into a shop and spend more money on souvenirs for friends. I swear they did it on purpose.

And so it ended our one day visit to Disney World in Orlando. In retrospect and although almost everything there is overpriced, it was worth the visit. I know that if I hadn’t done it then, I would be lamenting that I had missed the opportunity as I won’t go there on purpose. We had a great day and spent most of it with a silly smile on our faces and that, my friends, can be priceless.

I am adding this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Have a lovely week everyone!


Myakka River State Park

July 15, 2013

One of the best things about Florida is the amount and variety of parks you can visit and explore. This time we went to Myakka River State Park, on our way back from Arcadia . We had a nice and relaxing walk around and although we didn’t get to see some of the biggest animals that live around there, we did have some nice surprises.

Watch the birdie! We had a bit of a laugh with this little one – as we approached he flew away complaining… that’s it COMPLAINING! and if he wasn’t it sure sounded like it. He didn’t seem to like the fact that we were disturbing him by walking along the river.

Pretty flowers.

A small alligator. He didn’t get too close and we didn’t really want it to.

Did I say it was relaxing? It was really pleasant and we shared some good moments taking pictures around here.

A monkey climbing the palmtree… oh wait. It’s my husband.

The dress was good camouflage.

Mr D spotted this very little one, It was a miracle he didn’t get squished. I hope he grows up to be a big frog and dies of old frog age.

What I wore: Dress – H&M for Water collection, via Ebay (how perfect was that for this holiday?) Sunnies – Moschino, Hair flower – H&M (on sale), Sandals– Topshop, thrifted on my day out with Curtise, Bracelets – present from Mr D’s Grandma.

Has anyone been to the parks in Florida? If so, which one is your favourite?

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I am adding this post to Patti’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Have a lovely week everyone!


A visit to Arcadia’s flea market.

July 10, 2013

On my last visit to Florida I went to Arcadia again, this time on flea market day. I loved it and I wish I had that place closer, there were so many cool things to look at and the prices weren’t so bad either.

Attention, this is an image heavy post! I narrowed it down to these, as I have a lot more of them. I hope you enjoy them.

Well, hello there.

I’ve been cornered.

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