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These boots were made for walking…

August 20, 2013

Haaaa the end of Summer. The temperature drop we had in the last few days got me thinking about Fall clothes and about wrapping up in warm and fluffy wool jumpers.I am enjoying the nice warm weather but that made me think about what to wear when it gets chilly. I tidied up my closet the past weekend and went through my shoe collection. Seeing that I now live in a country where the past few Winters have been quite harsh, I noticed that I don’t seem to have near enough boots to my liking. I had a look around here and there and although the boots in the shops are nice, I want something different. So I started doodling and thought – What if we could have the crazy boots we always dreamed of?

So I came up with some fun (and funny) designs and thought how amusing it would be to design footwear for some of my blogger friends. They may not like them in the end but they really were the inspiration behind some of these:

The Circus Boots

These would be made of red matte leather and the stars could maybe be silver or white patent leather. I thought they would be perfect for Desiree of Pull Yr Socks Up. I can see her rocking these with one of her tutus!


The Attitude Boots

Black leather, of course, with silver buckles and silver spikes. A bit too much for me but I thought they would be the boots I would buy Suzanne of Idee Fixe if I ever had to pick a pair for her.

The Grey Velvet Boots

Imagined these for Vix of Vintage Vixen, a very glamourous lady indeed. The yellow should be more mustardy and the green leaves should be embroidered on grey velvet. They may look uncomfortable but they would look fab if they were real.

The Divoon Orange Boots

These would go to Helga of Helga von Trollop, of course. I can see her wearing these with one of her fabulous capes and her beehive style do. I haven’t decided if I want them in patent leather or just regular leather. Either way, those bows would look amazing.

The Navy Boots

And these are for me, thank you very much. As I’ve said countless times before, this is one of my favourite colour combos.

Now all we need to find is someone to make these for us. And not too expensive, please! Which one is your favourite? 


Week in photos

June 30, 2013

Hello my blogland friends!

This has been a fairly busy week, lots of work and things to do here and there… It’s good to be busy. I finally received the Modekungen shoes with the clear heel – they took forever and a day to arrive from Singapore but well worth the wait. They are actually comfortable! I also wore for the first time the Helga boots from Deandri (the snakeskin clogs), as I bought them from Ebay a long time ago but had them delivered to Florida to save on postage and had to haul them back to the UK. As hubby is coming to Europe I won’t be able to do that again. Not that I’m complaining!

Other than that I’ve been hanging out with friends – as the weather is nicer and we’ve had some visits from Lisbon, it’s a lot more conducive to spending time outside the house. I suspect it’s going to be like this throughout the whole of the Summer.

I hope you have a lovely week! I am preparing a sunglasses giveaway for next Friday, so stay tuned and don’t forget to come back for it!