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Art – Berlin Street Art

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! As I am spending a couple of weeks in Germany for the holidays, I thought I’d share some not yet before seen pics I took of street art in Berlin a few months back. I am hoping to have a few new ones to share after I get back in the new year as I will be spending a few days there as well.

Berlin is a great city and there is some amazing street art to be seen, everywhere! I am afraid I don’t have any details about who the artists are so if you know something about who the creators of these pieces are, please let me know in the comments! In the meantime, enjoy all the colour and sense of humour!

Warning: this is an image heavy post.

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Travel – DDR Museum, Berlin

July 5, 2015

As promised, I am dedicating a post to one of the museums I visited in Berlin, the DDR Museum. You might have seen all the nice photos I took there, but if you haven’t head on here, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

What is the DDR Museum, I hear you ask and what is so special about it? DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik in German or German Democratic Republic in English and it’s also referred to as East Germany.


This former European state lasted from 1949 until 1990, resulting of the division of Germany after WW2 and was one of the nations in the Eastern Bloc. For that reason, life was much much different from that of West Germany. Anyone who was alive in 1990 and was old enough, might remember the day the Berlin Wall fell and millions of East Germans regained their freedom.

This museum is dedicated to explaining to anyone, in an interactive way and through original artifacts, what it was like to live in East Germany and it gives a pretty good idea. This is not supposed to be an exhaustive description of the museum, but rather a sample of the interesting things you can see there. On to the photos!

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Travel – Wandering around Berlin

June 15, 2015

What can I say about Berlin? So many things, as you might expect. It was my first time visiting this great city and I spent three days there, mostly visiting museums and walking around. I also got to hang out with my good friend Michel, as he had gone back home to Germany back in March.


I will be making a few separate posts about the museums I was allowed to take pictures at, which I will hopefully be sharing in the next few weeks as well. My adventure started when I arrived at Schonefeld Airport, where my friend picked me up from. Thankfully, as I don’t really speak German and having a native speaker always makes life a lot easier, although it was probably just me that was too worried for no reason, as most people will understand and speak English. The train station is right next to the airport and has connections to the city centre as well as other surrounding areas. I got a 72hr ticket that cost me around 24 Euros and there I went.

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Travel – Planning a Trip to Berlin

June 5, 2015

Berlin! Finally! It’s been on my mind to visit this amazing city for years now and it is finally happening. I am only going for a few days, so I wouldn’t want to make a list that’s too extensive, as ticking things off a list in’t really the best idea of a relaxing holiday. However, it is always good to have an idea of what to expect in advance, especially if there are any temporary exhibitions you might want to check out.

Apart from the usual things that everyone sees, such as the Berlin wall or the Reichstag and all the other touristy places, I made a little list of things that tickle my fancy.

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