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Gothic – Share In Style

January 31, 2014

Sacramento of Mis Papelicos has organized another Share-In-Style and this time the chosentheme was “Gothic”. I had to dress up for it, of course. I decided on an all black look but not totally classic goth – there is a bit of velvet but that’s pretty much the only thing that would be on a traditional goth’s closet. I decided to do a more updated glam goth version, which included sequined leggings and a few more fun bits and bobs.

The day was grey and the light wasn’t too brilliant but it just exacerbated my paleness – looking pale is totes gothic.

A bunch of bracelets I bought to use on this photoshoot with my friends.

“I’m so goth I poop bats”

So there. What I wore: Glasses – Firmoo, Sequined Leggings – Zara, Blazer – H&N, Turban – Lomography shop in Lisbon, Creepy Cat/Doll Bag – Ahcahcum Muchacha, Boots– Internacionale, Top – Stradivarius, Bracelets – Matalan

 And a Gothic Hello Kitty, to complete the look. Apologies but the light was so terrible I couldn’t get a better photo of it.

(Photos by David, taken on our lunch break)

 Edit: also added to Judith’s Hat Attack at The Style Crone!