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Happy New Year


Blogging – Plans for 2016

January 6, 2016

We are well into the first week of the year now but as I have been busy travelling for the past two weeks, doing this kind of post right now will have to do.

2016 is a year when a lot of things will have to change, both in my life and the blog, but I’ll focus mostly on the blog on here – because also, who cares about personal stuff, right? I love my blog and I want it to be even better, both for me and anyone who actually bothers reading it. I am afraid that sometimes it can become a bit of a chore so to avoid getting into that pitfall, I decided I had to think about why I am doing it.

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Happy New Year 2015

December 31, 2014

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Once again we get to that time of the year when everyone writes a list of resolutions, feels hopeful for the future etc. I will gladly try and stay hopeful for the future but will not try to do any resolutions because, as everyone knows, they never really work.

However, I will say that now that I have a much better looking blog and a new camera, I can safely say that next year will be so much better. At least here on the blog. Now that I’m living in London, there is so much more to photograph and write about! Sometimes I struggle to publish everything I would like to, there’s simply not enough time.

This has been a rough year, being made redundant, moving to London in a jiffy, relationship breakdowns, adapting to a new job… So many challenges, but I’ve survived so far and keep coming back on top. I have learned that when a door closes, another one will open so no point in getting too worked up about things. Just move on.

I wish everyone a Happy 2015 and that all your dreams will come true in the next year. I will keep working hard on mine.


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014

2013 was a funny year. It didn’t start all that well, with a week off work due to depression – I have also since discovered I suffer from SAD– and  a few months later an operation and endometriosis diagnostic…

Fortunately, things ended up taking a turn for the best and all the hard work I’ve been investing on the blog finally started paying off: I am now working in social media marketing and love my job, I met some amazing bloggers and strengthened friendships with others, became part of the ASOS Insiders group, started attending fashion related events in London, became part of Fe-line Women as a contributor and so many other amazing things.

I also did some travelling, visited Belgium after 20 years, Florida for the 3rd time, went back home to Portugal twice, one of them courtesy of my company and I am, as you read this in Marrakesh.

2013 turned out to be an amazing year and I hope that 2014 gets even better – things are certainly looking that way (fingers crossed). I hope you all have a wonderful new year and may all your projects succeed and dreams come true.