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Disposable Style

November 4, 2013

I was just looking at my files and I still have a gazillion outfits to share and found these photos taken with a disposable camera. I like the way they look, I should do this more often.

This outfit was baptized ‘The Metallina’, as it is a mix of heavy metal with ballerina. I love that skirt, I wish the button hadn’t popped that day. I have to wear it with a safety pin as it’s too tight now LOL. Leather panel skirt, Office ballerinas, Judas Priest t-shirt, Denim Jacket (customized by me) and Claw Ring all from Ebay.

On this day I was wearing : Cosmic Cat tee – from the men’s section at Target (from one of my trips to Florida), Leopard Print Skirt -Ebay, Shoes – Dune (TK Maxx), Headscarf – Zara, Sunnies – Moschino, Pleather Jacket – H&M 

Here I am, drinking a can of liquid cellulitis (aka a can of full fat cola) and trying to do a jumping photo but failing miserably. Headscarf  and jacket are the same as before, Dress – I forget the brand but I got it from someone’s blog sale, Tights -Ebay, Shoes – Vans Hello Kitty, Bag – from a swap with my friend Lili.

And as always, it begs the question: which one is your favourite?

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Office Looks – Totally Inappropriate looks for the office

September 9, 2013

As it has become a habit, here is another installment of Office Looks. This time the main theme is band tees. I am not wearing the same on both looks but the idea is similar. Band tees/ logos are probably the only brand logos I don’t have a problem with. Maybe this is because I’ve always worn band t-shirts since I was old enough to go to a shop and buy my own clothes. At the time because as with all teenage kids, wearing a tee of your favourite band told the world who you were – punk, heavy metal, whatever. I also like to buy band tees when I attend shows- It is a nice way of supporting the band as I rarely buy albums these days.

This brings me to the logo discussion: I like designer clothes as much as the next person but I am not too keen on paying to advertise someone else’s brand on my chest/ bag/ whatever. Although there can be exceptions if a logo for example is actually graphically interesting, I find that the whole logo culture is quite boring and uninteresting. For the majority of cases, it appeals to individuals who are more interested in flaunting how much they have spent on their clothes rather than their taste.  This reminds me of the trend in some circles, of wearing expensive items and leaving the tag on them to show how much it cost. It is of very poor taste, not to mention stupid, as it’s not that clever to throw your money out unnecessarily. To me it also shows lack of imagination, with so many nice things you can pick up to make you look individual, why wear something like that? I await your two cents on this matter. In the meantime, here are the outfits!

Outfit details: Bow – H&M, Black Lace Blazer – H&M (on sale), Baby Pink Tutu Skirt – Olsenboye at JC Penney, Joy Division Tee – Ebay, Green Bag – Target, Grey Tights – Primark, Hearts and Stars Shoes – Office (via Ebay), Metal Bow Bracelet – H&M (on sale)

Outfit Details: Cats Head Scarf – Zara, Denim Jacket – Blanco (swap with Lili), Die Antwoord Tee – Ebay, Leather Look Skirt – American Apparel (present from my friend Linda), Red Shoes – From a Chinese shop in Lisbon, many years ago.

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