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Glamming up the goth

March 19, 2014

Glam goth

Last Sunday the weather felt so nice that I decided to bare my legs a little. Not too much, only a little, but it felt soo nice. I am hopeful that we will have a nice warm Spring and Summer and that the sandals won’t have to stay in the loft until next year. I went to Matalan the other day, as I had a gift voucher to redeem as well as extra discount and ended up spending a bit more than I was supposed to- I see what they’re doing and it’s working on weak people like me. But I brought home these sandals and the golden hearts necklace with me. the sandals were already 50% and I thought it would be an unexpensive way to try the strappy sandal trend. My feet can be really sensitive and there would be no point in spending a fortune in something that would just cut through my flesh.

Glam goth

Outfit details: Scalloped skirt – Darling, via TK Maxx, Socks – H&M (on sale), Shoes – Matalan (on sale), Silk Cardigan – Repeat Cashmere, Bauhaus T-shirt – Ebay, Necklace – Matalan

Glam goth

My photographer Filipa was at home that day so I had to make do with the tripod and the self timer. I have to say that I wasn’t too happy with the results, plus our back garden is looking a bit drab these days. I did some editing on the images to try and make them look a little bit better. I think I have succeeded in making them look somewhat more interesting. What do you think?

Glam goth

Glam goth

I’m loving the softness of this silk cardigan. I really should invest in good quality pieces more often!

Glam goth

Glam goth

I’m going home a week from today, for a week. I can hardly wait…


Goths in hot weather

July 17, 2013

Oh my, it’s been sooo hot in the UK, it almost feels like I am back home in Portugal! Who would have thunk it? Last weekend I nearly died with the heat in London… photos yet to be shared as I’m still editing them. I took so many photos that it’s a bit hard to pick just a few for the blog.

Anyways, here’s a couple of outfits, with a variation on the same theme- a black and white patterned peplum top mixed in with some very roomy and also patterned palazzo pants. Mixing patterns is so much fun, although it does get some dirty looks in the office here and there…

Deet deets – Shoes and top – Target, Polkadot Palazzo Pants – Comme des Garcons for H&M, Bracelet – H&M, Necklace – Ebay, Glasses–  Gok Wan for Specsavers

Deet deets: Blazer and head bow – H&M, Top and socks – Next, Shoes – Office, via Ebay, Palazzo Pants – Zara (on sale, on my trip to Belgium)

Which one is your favourite?



Bad taste

April 12, 2013

Do you know John Waters? If you know his films you will know he’s totally nuts (but in a good way). His most famous films are Hairspray, Cry Baby and his most infamous film is probably Pink Flamingos, starring the fabulous Divine. I’ve been after his films for a few years now and I’ve seen quite a few. Trust me, some of them are not for the faint hearted. But I love them, regardless.

This brings me to the purpose of this post: I’ve been reading the book “Shock Value – A Tasteful Book about Bad Taste”. Perfect title, right? I read this every morning on my commute to work and it really makes me chuckle (in public!). The book is autobiographical and outrageously funny. He describes what he and his friends used to do for fun, which included parading around in drag, shocking ‘regular people’, making crazy low budget films, shoplifting… And lots of drugs.

Anyhoo,he was raised a catholic and some of my favourite tirades in the book focus on how his catholic upbringing influenced him in wanting to rebel and be different – he would always try to do the exact opposite the nuns in his school told him to. I can very much relate to that as I was raised in a fairly strict catholic all girls school, complete with uniform in a country where wearing a uniform to school is not the norm (unlike England). Not that I would cause much trouble, but my interests and tastes have always been a bit out of left field, sometimes just for the sake of not buying into what I didn’t agree with or believed in. Maybe that’s why even today I have trouble conforming to what’s appropriate or the norm (boring!).

“Being Catholic always makes you more theatrical”, he says on page 65. I agree and to prove it, here’s something I wore to the office.

Thanks again to Frankie for taking the photos with my phone on the parking lot at work.

Details: Fur collar – ASOS (on sale), Bag – Victoria Couture for Hello Kitty, Jacket – Miu Miu, Skirt – ASOS (all three via Ebay), Shoes – Zara, many years ago. I don’t remember what I wore under the jacket anymore. Boo!