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Travel – Wandering around Berlin

June 15, 2015

What can I say about Berlin? So many things, as you might expect. It was my first time visiting this great city and I spent three days there, mostly visiting museums and walking around. I also got to hang out with my good friend Michel, as he had gone back home to Germany back in March.


I will be making a few separate posts about the museums I was allowed to take pictures at, which I will hopefully be sharing in the next few weeks as well. My adventure started when I arrived at Schonefeld Airport, where my friend picked me up from. Thankfully, as I don’t really speak German and having a native speaker always makes life a lot easier, although it was probably just me that was too worried for no reason, as most people will understand and speak English. The train station is right next to the airport and has connections to the city centre as well as other surrounding areas. I got a 72hr ticket that cost me around 24 Euros and there I went.

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We’re up all night to get lucky

June 10, 2013

Here are some of the looks from the week I spent in Florida. I better crack on with posting the photos of the trip… I have so many! It’ll be hard to pick a few for the blog. It was an amazing week, with equal parts of relaxation and excitement and of course, spending time with the hubby.

Details: Flying Eiffel Towers – Reko, thrifted at Oxfam, Gold Sandals – Topshop, thrifted on my trip to Sheffield, Flower – H&M (on sale), Golden Bracelets – present from Mr D’s grandma.

Details: Red Lobster Dress – Rodnik Band, via Ebay (some funny guy asked if Î was from Maine, badummm tschhhhhhh), Tote Bag – from a Design Festival hubby attended in Melbourne, Sandals – Present from Mr D’s grandma, Flower – H&M (on sale)

As I was planning, we did a couple of road trips  (we ended up going to Disneyland, yay!), picked up the new album from Daft Punk, and it became the soundtrack for the week. I loved the songs, they have a very amusing and “feel good” retro feeling. It might not be for all tastes and a lot of people were disappointed as their sound on this record is totally different from their previous more electronica sounding albums. For my part, as I’ve always had a weak spot for disco, I appreciated the grooves on this record. The Get Lucky song just makes me want to dance! These dudes do it the right way:

As it is Monday I am adding this to Patty’s Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style.