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Week in Photos

July 28, 2013

Hello friends! Not a lot happened this week, as you can see… Here are my new unicorn socks as well as my current favourite necklace, that I purchased on offer from the Victoria and Albert Museum. The weather’s been real nice and I’ve been wearing sandals almost every day. woo! The nail polish colours are from Hema (from my trip to Belgium) and Mini HD (a present from Sandrine, who brought it from Paris). I also picked up this Stars and Stripes bralet on a sale for £2, for that price I wouldn’t mind trying out that trend. I have to say it worked out well.

How was your week?


Week in photos

July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Loads of photos to share today – some form last weekend in London and all the tidbits for this week! This hasn’t been a very busy week, I’ve just been recovering from the last weekend – I spent it on my feet and it was sooo tiresome! I still have some more photos to share, which I will do over the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy.


Week in photos

July 7, 2013

So what’s happened this week? Went to the hospital for a follow up appointment (remember my surgery?) and was signed off, which means all is well and they don’t want to see me anymore. I got a new phone (in love with my new Galaxy S4, honestly), saw World War Z and loved it. Then the heatwave arrived and made me happy – now I can wear Summer dresses without having to wear tights, not to mention the mood boost that the nice warm weather is.

Yesterday I went to the Ladies Day at the Leicester Racecourse. Saw a couple of horse races (I didn’t bet, I’m not much of a gambler, I think It throw enough money out the window buying clothes and shoes) and saw the band Human League play live. That was fantastic. I will post all the details tomorrow, stay tuned!

I have also started experimenting with Vine and Instagram video, don’t forget to follow me on both platforms under the handle @hellothemushroom to have a look at them.

Don’t forget to sing up for the eyewear  giveaway, it would be great to get 50 participants so they can give one lucky reader a pair of glasses totally free! Otherwise it will just be the six $20 discount vouchers.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


Week in photos

June 9, 2013


After a couple of weeks with no Instagram update, here’s the best of since the last one- the daily life photos as well as images from my week in Florida withe the hubby. I hope you like them!


Week in photos

April 7, 2013

Today is Sunday and time for another weekly roundup of what’s in my phone. I decided to change the format a little. What do you think?  I’ve been thinking about changing things a little around here and try to avoid huge posts you have to scroll for hours to read. Let me know your opinion.

So…. last Sunday I went to the movies with Filipa and Daniela and watched The Host. Whatever you do, don’t bother with it. Filipa and I were both sleeping at some point. It’s slow, pointless and they drag the non existent plot for 2 hours too long. In the end we were making jokes and giggling as otherwise the pain would have been too excruciating. Daniela is now forbidden from picking a film for all of us to watch for a while hehe.

I wore the forest print dress I got from Primark and a little bird ring I got from Matalan years ago, as no forest is complete without a little birdy.

One of my favourite badges ever. Daniela and I wearing shoes from Office we both got from Ebay.

This week Iain took me to the stables to see the horses to cheer me up. It worked. This rude horse kept sticking his tongue out at me. I think he just wanted treats.

Chicken gang.

Horse footsteps. First rays of sunlight I’ve seen in a while.

This old girl came around asking for some cuddles. Of course I obliged. There were some ponies around. They’re so cute 🙂

The lovely heart trousers and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. This is what I wore yesterday, on my way to visit Curtise of The Secondhand Years in Sheffield.

Waiting for my train in Doncaster. After a walk around charity shopping we went for a couple of drinks and lots of talking.

On my way back I saw the sunset. Possibly the first one I’ve seen properly in months. The quote is from a magazine I was reading on the train and that was said by Jessica Alba.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!