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Travel – Darwin’s Cafe, Lisbon

August 3, 2015

This marks the last of my Lisbon blog posts, but it doesn’t mean it’s of any less importance. I’ve heard about this restaurant quite a few times before but for a variety of reasons, never got a chance to visit. This time there was such an opportunity, a nice family lunch, to eat good food, excellent wine and even better conversations.


What makes Darwin’s Cafe so special? There is, of course, the food, the quality and variety of the wine menu but also the fact that this restaurant is named after the English naturalist scientist Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin is better known for his theory on the evolution of the species and the choice of name isn’t anywhere near dictated by chance. You see, this restaurant is integrated on a much larger complex, that is dedicated to the research and advancement of Science, the Champalimaud Foundation.

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Travel – Some impressions on Portugal

July 17, 2015
19635849725_80aa872388_k (1)

A few weeks ago I travelled home to Portugal for a long weekend, what was packed with hanging out with family, friends, good food wine and fun times! It’s been over a year since I was last in Lisbon and at the time, the weather wasn’t as warm nor sunny. In fact, it rained the whole time, which was funny as it rained a lot more than it did in the UK at the time.

To be honest I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to because I was either hanging out with friends or hiding away from the heat, that was a bit too much at some points. Also, I tried to take it easy and not worry too much about blogging… with some degree of failure as I did get to do some pics and jotted down a list of things I noticed and some of them may be a little bit controversial, but I call it like I see it.

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Pretty florals to cheer me up

May 21, 2014

IMG_8355 copy

IMG_8353 copy

IMG_8358 copy

IMG_8357 copy

IMG_8359 copy

These photos were taken at this new fabric store in Rua dos Fanqueiros in Lisbon, Portugal. This post would be most appropriate for today, if I was doing the last Introduction to Sewing lesson as I was supposed to. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend as I’ll be in London having meetings, as part of my job search. Still, the fabrics and the shop are pretty and nice to look at and make me want to do nice things with my own hands.

If anyone knows of any digital media or PR jobs going in London, please send me a message! It will be much appreciated.


Top 5 things to do in Lisbon

April 25, 2014


I was asked to do a top 5 list of things about Lisbon, which is my hometown, so these are the ones I can recommend from my latest trip there. As you will see, I managed to do some of my favourite things: eat, drink and look at pretty things. 

EAT AND DRINK AT A TASCA- All over the city

  • Eat at a tasca (a kind of cheap local restaurant) home cooked style meals for just a few euros. With a glass of Portuguese wine of course.

PicMonkey Collage

A GINGINHA – Rossio, in front of the National Theatre
  • Have a little glass of ginginha, a sweet liqueur made with cherries. It is sweet and very traditional – this particular shop in downtown Rossio, is fairly old, opened in 1840. Make sure you go there as the new owners of the building want to get rid of it and you might not get another chance if that goes ahead. 


PicMonkey Collage


  • Pay a visit to Luvaria Ulisses at Rua do Carmo (also downtown), a tiny little shop famous for its beautiful and well crafted gloves. This shop opened in 1925 and still conserves its original charm, as you can see in the photos.


PicMonkey Collage

  • A few meters up from Luvaria Ulisses you will find Santini, an ice cream shop where you can buy italian style gelato in a variety of flavours. Unmissable!


PicMonkey Collage

EMBAIXADA – Principe Real
  • Visit Embaixada in Principe Real, a small luxe shopping centre inside an old 19th century palace, with Portuguese brands and handpicked designs. Even if you don’t want to spend money, the whole architecture and original decorations are worth a visit and there’s plenty of original shoes and clothes to look at too. I’ve recently shared some pictures about one of the shops there, Shoes Closet.


PicMonkey Collage

These are my top finds from my latest trip and I’m sure I’ll have more the next time I come over. Which one is your favourite in this batch?

*This post has been made in collaboration with Giff Gaff.
**Drink responsibly!


What I wore in Lisbon

April 16, 2014

Some of it, anyway. After a while it got a bit boring to take outfit photos in a hurry because it was raining or the light was too crappy… I thought I should relax and not think about it instead. Here’s the few I did register.


As you can see, we got totally caught up in the rain. I am drenched and huffing and puffing too, as climbing the stairs up to the 6th floor is no easy business. Details: Green cardigan – Zara, Dress – sample, c/o Dorothy Perkins (from the event), Necklace– c/o Name the Necklace, ShoesMatalan , Nail Wraps – Machesa Fashion for L’Oreal




I bought this jumper because Mr D’s grandparents back in the US have an adorable hairy chihuahua named Lovey. I miss them so it helps me remind me of them. Details: Cardigan – Zara, Skirt – Monki (swap with Lili), Hairy Chihuahua Sweat – H&M, Glitter shoes – Springfield, Hair Bow– Matalan




The light was fading fast on this one, even the details came out awful, but I have to show you my Star Wars tee. I just love it. Details: Green cardigan – Zara, Star Wars Tunic – H&M, Leggings – Tezenis (I had to pick them up in a hurry when I realized I couldn’t bend without showing my arse to the world haha), Necklace– c/o Name the Necklace, Shoes – Matalan.

Bonus: my very first video. Just some outtakes of Mr D and I walking around, the rain and some more rain. The music is by The Japanese Girl and you can download the whole album for free.

Which one is your favourite?