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Hand painted signs of Marrakech

April 15, 2014


I still have lots of photos from Marrakech… The last theme I shared was the cats, if I’m not mistaken. This time I’m sharing the hand painted and shop signs that can be found everywhere. I find them quite inspiring and charming in their own way, although the locals looked at us like we were crazy for photographing these things. Prepare for some image overload, but I am sure it’s worth it.

PicMonkey Collage

























The Hotel Toulousain, William Burroughs and I

February 5, 2014

As soon as I looked into the entrance of the Hotel Toulousain, it was love at first sight. There is something about that place, the old furniture, the mint lacquered paint, the whole atmosphere had a taste of time travel. Apart from a couple of details, it looks like it hasn’t changed for some 40 years, at least.

We needed a couple of nights in a hotel and we inquired about the prices. we didn’t book it straight away but it stayed at the back of my mind, it’s not every day that you find a place with so much character… then a few days later I read in the guidebook that William Burroughs used to be a regular in that place. I told hubby, we need to stay there too.

William Burroughs was a writer, part of the Beat Generation, along with other well known names as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouak. He is well know for his book Naked Lunch (adapted to cinema by David Cronenberg in 1991) and his unusual writing method called Cut Up- which consisted of cutting typed pages in half and joining them randomly, creating new phrases and concepts.

William Burroughs was well known for being a junkie and one of his not so well known interests was magick, which happened at the Hotel Toulousain, in the 1960’s. Burroughs spent time at the hotel with artist and friends Brion Gysin and Mikey Portman, where they tried to summon the spirit of Abramelin the Mage. It is not know as little account was left of the event if they were successful or not, but it is said that the oils necessary for the conjuring were made using a recipe by Aleister Crowley himself. Who knows.

The Hotel Toulousain is a very simple and basic hotel, very affordable and what it lacks in comfort, is compensated by the charm and presence of its history. We stayed in a double room, with a little bathroom, complete with a toilet, shower with hot water and a sink. Very basic but good enough. I don’t think we had any heating in our room (the nights in Marrakech can get pretty chilly) but fortunately we weren’t uncomfortable. There is also free WIFI, which in this day and age is a must, as well as a copious and very nice breakfast, served in the hotel’s cafe or patio. A good option for anyone travelling on a budget.

I am smitten with this place. I don’t understand why, as it’s a bit ran down (some people might say a lot) but I feel a weird attraction to it. I have decided that if I ever go back to Marrakech I will stay there again. There is beauty in the visible passage of time, I suppose.

Hotel Toulousain

44 Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad, Marrakesh, Morocco


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Morocco outfits

January 27, 2014

Hi guys! I still have lots of interesting things to say about Morocco so I thought I’d get the outfits out of the way, all at once and progress to useful guides and suggestions posts next. I’ll be writing about nice places to see, fun things to do and delicious things to eat, so stay tuned.

Dress – Alice Temperley (via TK Maxx), Scarf – Zara, Belt – Primark, Shoes – Carvela (via TK Maxx)

I had plenty of orange juice while in Morocco, it was everywhere, it was delicious and it was dirt cheap!

Moroccan leather slippers – present from my in-laws. I love the hearts and stars on them.

Dress – Nishe (blog sale), Cardigan – Primark, Scarf – Oscar de La Renta (via TK Maxx), Leather bag – thrifted in Oxfam.

More orange juice! I love the scarf, it was a present from Jo at Fe-line.

A comfortable outfit – Coat – H&M (via Ebay), Shirt – Alice Temperley, Polkadot Jeans – Lavo Jeans (both via TK Maxx), Glitter Trainers – Springfield

I look a bit disheveled, this was taken right after we visited the hammam, the Moroccan spa. It was bliss, I must say. Polkadot Red Dress – H&M (via Ebay), Tshirt – Primark

Stars nail wraps from Nail Rocks.

Dress – From Camden Market

Dress – H&M (via Ebay), Tights – Ebay, Turban – Lomography shop in Lisbon

Sunnies – Pucci (via TK Maxx)

Dress – Yumi (via TK Maxx)

I love the little birds and the cages on this dress. It’s too adorable.

Almost at the Sahara Desert!

So these were my holiday outfits. I hope you like them.

As it is Visible Monday time, I am sharing these at Patti’s. Join me there!

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The cats of Morocco

January 20, 2014

You go to the souk, cats. You walk down the street, cats. You sit down to eat outside, begging cats. Cats, cats, everywhere cats. It felt like paradise! Of course I had to take load of pictures of them. Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

“Come on, push your leg higher! No pain no gain!”

Snoozing cats are also a main theme on here.

It was the very first time I’ve ever seen cats begging at the table like dogs.

Some of he cats look dirty and scruffy but they always look well fed, happy and relaxed.

Any place is good for a bit of a rest. Even a scooter.

Little kitteh, sat outside the fabulous Topolina shop. More on that very soon!

I’ve never seen cats ‘talk’ so much like they did in Marrakech. As you will see, I have several photos of cats with their mouths open. They’re not hissing or being unpleasant, just being vocal in asking for attention and cuddles.

Move over Hans Silvester, I can take cool photos of cats with blue backgrounds too!

 What’s better than one cat? Two cats, that’s what!

Stretchy stretchy!

I don’t know what this little one was asking for. After all these years I still haven’t mastered catuguese.

Ginger cat (another one).

“Yes, I’m tucked away here, with the rest of the merchandise. I’m a very organized cat.”

“What have you got for me, buddy?”

I can see the ZZZZZ coming out of his little head.

A very regal lady, at the Saadian Tombs.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

Cat naps can be taken anywhere.

“Hey, give me some of that good looking fish! I’m waiting!”

Happy cat.

This little lady reminded me so much of my cat Biryani it was uncanny. She was also very sweet and we clearly took a shine to each other as she didn’t leave my side the whole time I was sat there.

This one could be titled War and Peace.

This post is getting a bit too long, I need a nap.

 Kitty says bye!

I hope you enjoyed these – they were all taken in Marrakech and Essaouira. I have lots of posts to do about Morocco but I’ve been putting it off as I am a bit under the weather at the moment. I will try to do it asap, little by little. Have a lovely week!

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Our first day in Marrakech

January 8, 2014

After all the troubles I had been through to get to Marrakech (see previous post), I was well excited and eager to go out and explore, with a camera in hand. It was now Christmas day and I was staying with my husband and his family in a Riad (a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an internal garden or courtyard) in Bab El Khemis, a very traditional neighbourhood.

Papyrus plant, at the house’s courtyard. It’s the plant the Ancient Egyptians used to make their “paper”.

Planning our outing for the day.

There’s hundreds of decorated doors everywhere.

Texture has always caught my eye and there was loads to look at in Marrakech, marking the passage of time and its effects on our objects.

Come on in. Or maybe not.

In Morocco non-Muslims cannot visit the mosques. Funnily enough, this is a rule that was implemented by the French, when the ruled the country.

What I wore on Christmas day: Coat – H&M (via Ebay), Shoes – Carvela, via TK Maxx, Dress– Mod Dolly (get it here, it’s handmade in London), Headband – H&M

A lot of people decorate their vehicles, which I found extremely interesting.

So these are only a few photos I have taken while out and about. I’ll be posting more as we go along…