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What I wore in Lisbon

April 16, 2014

Some of it, anyway. After a while it got a bit boring to take outfit photos in a hurry because it was raining or the light was too crappy… I thought I should relax and not think about it instead. Here’s the few I did register.


As you can see, we got totally caught up in the rain. I am drenched and huffing and puffing too, as climbing the stairs up to the 6th floor is no easy business. Details: Green cardigan – Zara, Dress – sample, c/o Dorothy Perkins (from the event), Necklace– c/o Name the Necklace, ShoesMatalan , Nail Wraps – Machesa Fashion for L’Oreal




I bought this jumper because Mr D’s grandparents back in the US have an adorable hairy chihuahua named Lovey. I miss them so it helps me remind me of them. Details: Cardigan – Zara, Skirt – Monki (swap with Lili), Hairy Chihuahua Sweat – H&M, Glitter shoes – Springfield, Hair Bow– Matalan




The light was fading fast on this one, even the details came out awful, but I have to show you my Star Wars tee. I just love it. Details: Green cardigan – Zara, Star Wars Tunic – H&M, Leggings – Tezenis (I had to pick them up in a hurry when I realized I couldn’t bend without showing my arse to the world haha), Necklace– c/o Name the Necklace, Shoes – Matalan.

Bonus: my very first video. Just some outtakes of Mr D and I walking around, the rain and some more rain. The music is by The Japanese Girl and you can download the whole album for free.

Which one is your favourite?


Glamming up the goth

March 19, 2014

Glam goth

Last Sunday the weather felt so nice that I decided to bare my legs a little. Not too much, only a little, but it felt soo nice. I am hopeful that we will have a nice warm Spring and Summer and that the sandals won’t have to stay in the loft until next year. I went to Matalan the other day, as I had a gift voucher to redeem as well as extra discount and ended up spending a bit more than I was supposed to- I see what they’re doing and it’s working on weak people like me. But I brought home these sandals and the golden hearts necklace with me. the sandals were already 50% and I thought it would be an unexpensive way to try the strappy sandal trend. My feet can be really sensitive and there would be no point in spending a fortune in something that would just cut through my flesh.

Glam goth

Outfit details: Scalloped skirt – Darling, via TK Maxx, Socks – H&M (on sale), Shoes – Matalan (on sale), Silk Cardigan – Repeat Cashmere, Bauhaus T-shirt – Ebay, Necklace – Matalan

Glam goth

My photographer Filipa was at home that day so I had to make do with the tripod and the self timer. I have to say that I wasn’t too happy with the results, plus our back garden is looking a bit drab these days. I did some editing on the images to try and make them look a little bit better. I think I have succeeded in making them look somewhat more interesting. What do you think?

Glam goth

Glam goth

I’m loving the softness of this silk cardigan. I really should invest in good quality pieces more often!

Glam goth

Glam goth

I’m going home a week from today, for a week. I can hardly wait…


Frida for one day

June 3, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I got together with friends and photographer David Bridle for a little photoshoot. When I saw the flowery clothes and accessories at The Boutique, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was the inspiration that came to mind. I did two similar looks, with the main variation being the accessories. If you are familiar with Frida’s work you will know that it features mostly her self portraits and always with a very serious expression on her face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any painting of her smiling, please correct me if I’m wrong. I hope you like these, I had a lot of fun preparing the looks and planning the photoshoot.

Details : Flower headbandSassy Vamps, Flower Scarf and Dress – The Boutique, Necklace – Matalan.

Details : Flower headband- separate flowers I got on sale from H&M, Flower Scarf and bangles – The Boutique, Earrings– Matalan, Shoes– Irregular Choice (via Ebay), Skirt – Primark, Black leotard – American Apparel.

I’m adding this post to Patty’s Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.


Office Looks – Totally Inappropriate looks for the Office 2

May 4, 2013

I’m writing this from my bed as I am still recovering from this week’s surgery. I’ve been getting better by the day and Saturday marks the day of my first post op shower yay! I get to shower and change the dressings for the first time today, I’ll feel like an entirely new person after that. So, in case anyone is wondering, I’m on the path to full recovery and will be back to work on Tuesday. Time to start planning the outfits for next week then! For now, I leave you with a few recent ones.

Details: Leopard Jacket – Topshop, Red Shoes – Office (both via Ebay), Bag – Maison Margiella for H&M, Zipper Tights – Primark (on sale), Dress – TK Maxx (on Sale), Cat Shirt – H&M (I’ve had it for many years), Red Beret – American Apparel (present from Linda)

Details: Dress – Primark, Boots – Office, Coat – H&M (both via Ebay), Birdie Ring – Matalan (on sale), Long sleeve Tee – Primark, Cardigan – Vintage, Bag – Target

Hope y’all had a great week.