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Travel – Mauerpark and Flea Market, Berlin

July 11, 2015

For years I’d heard from friends how amazing Berlin was for vintage shopping, so some sort of second hand/vintage exploration had to be included in the short time I was in Berlin. I asked a friend who’d lived there for a long time for a few tips and decided that given the limited amount of time, the best bet would be to head on to the flea market at Mauerpark. Mauer means “wall”, FYI, and this will be my last instalment on my Berlin adventure.

What is it like, then? We went on a very hot day and as you can see the sun was out and quite strong. Because it was so sunny, there were loads of people out, enjoying the warmth and getting some vitamin D, having picnics and drinking beer. Every step of the way, street performers or musicians were to be found and some were very entertaining.

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