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Memories of Brooklyn

December 6, 2013

I may have mentioned this before (I am pretty sure I did, but one of my favourite things to do when I travel is to go shopping. Not only because I like seeing things I can’t find where I live but also because when I wear them back home it always reminds me of the good times that were had.

As I wore the bunny jumper seemed like the perfect excuse to share these photos of Brooklyn, as they have until now remained hidden on my hard drive. I took them last year, a day before hurricane Sandy hit the city. I bought that jumper on that weekend, when Mr D and I went shopping together in the Soho area.

See, I cannot resist a cute bunny wabbit.

Nor an owl…

… or a (big) cat.

Here is the outfit that sparked this trip down memory lane: Coat – H&M (via Ebay), Jumper – Forever 21, Leopard skirt – Ebay, Shirt – Ben Sherman (thrifted, also worn here) Shoes – Seaside (discount shoe store in Portugal), Black Scarf – Oscar (Oscar de la Renta, via TK Maxx), Leopard Head Scarf – Flea Market in Lisbon

The last two photos were taken by Filipa, on our lunch break.

Tomorrow I am going down to ASOS in London for the Social Media School event. I’ll be posting about it as well as a new post for the Tattoo Files feature and my very own Christmas shopping guide! Stay tuned and have a lovely weekend!



Brooklyn, NY

August 28, 2013

Was it a huntsman or a player
That made you pay the cost
That now assumes relaxed positions
And prostitutes your loss?
Were you tortured by your own thirst
In those pleasures that you seek
That made you Tom the curious
That makes you James the weak?

And you claim you got something going
Something you call unique
But I’ve seen your self-pity showing
As the tears rolled down your cheeks

Soon you know I’ll leave you
And I’ll never look behind
‘Cos I was born for the purpose
That crucifies your mind
So con, convince your mirror
As you’ve always done before
Giving substance to shadows
Giving substance ever more

And you assume you got something to offer
Secrets shiny and new
But how much of you is repetition
That you didn’t whisper to him too


The song goes somewhat well with the street photos I took when I went out for a walk in Brooklyn after hurricane Sandy last November. Those days people were starting to leave their houses but it all still looked a little desolate. I hope to go back on a happier occasion.




My 5 top places I’d love to go back to.

June 5, 2013

If you’ve been reading this page for long enough you know I am a huge fan of travelling. I enjoy going to new places but there are a few that have left a mark or the curiosity to know more about them. Here are my top 5 places I would love to go back to. Which are yours?

New York

So many memories, so many interesting places, so many things happening. It’s the city that never sleeps and where anything can happen. I like to go there to see my friends as much as possible, I wish I could go more often. It is also the city where Mr D and I got married and that also makes it extra special. It’s a very stylish city although very different from London, it has a more grown up style, the way I see it. I hope that the next time I go I don’t get caught up in a hurricane.


It’s my hometown. Although I am not very interested in living there at the moment, I always like going back to see my family and friends. Like I usually say, it sucks to live there but it’s really nice for a holiday. It’s a city with beautiful light, that is one of the things I miss the most here in grey and overcast England. You can go out and stay out until the wee hours of the night dancing. Dining out is also great- there’s always really good food and not too expensive. And did I mention my friends? It’s the best part! If you are visiting in the Summer don’t forget your sandals and light dresses, it gets really hot and not all places are blessed with AC.


As some of you might remember, I went there last year to visit my friend Sofia. I didn’t stay for too long (it was just a couple of days) but I fell in love with the city. The streets and canals are beautiful and quaint, with so much history and details to look at (as well as a lot of extremely good looking men).  I also thought it was fascinating that everyone goes everywhere on bicycle. It was the perfect city to shop vintage, with a large variety of shops on offer and affordable prices. I might just go on Venere and start planning another visit sometime in the near future, I don’t think I’ve seen enough of it!

The Alps

I’ve been to the Alps twice, on skiing trips organized by the company I work for. I was lucky enough to work with friends and enjoyed spending time with them there, learning how to ski, taking in the breathtaking views and just frolicking in the snow. I don’t miss the fashions – the snow and the negative temperatures mean you have to wear bulky trousers and jackets but a lady knows when to adapt her style to the environment. I think the Alps made an impression on me not only because of the amazing landscapes but also because it’s where I learned how to ski – which was a real challenge for such an unfit person as me. But well worth it, I enjoyed every second of it and would love to go back.


Apart from Lisbon, it is a place I might be going back to very soon. I loved the feel of the city, lots of beautiful architecture and people. Smaller than London, still has a lot of life and style to it, one of the places I could see myself living in. The pier area is quite picturesque and colourful and one can’t help feeling like a kid walking around the carousels and all the seaside attractions. I remember I had a great time walking around with  Victoria , one of my favourite bloggers. As it is further south, it gets a little more sun than where I live and that’s a winner in my book. There are a lot of stylish people around and it’s really refreshing to see what they wear. There are also a lot of quirky and vintage shops, you’ll have a hard time picking just one place to spend your £££.