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Meet and Greet – Shauna Haider, graphic designer

October 23, 2013

Shauna Haider is the Creative Director of We Are Branch, Blogger at Nubby Twiglet and co-founder of the The Blogcademy. The first time I discovered Shauna’s talent and extreme good taste was when I entered this Livejournal community called The Imeldas (in a previous life!). Very suiting, heh? A long time has passed since then and Shauna has become an extremely talented designer. I met her in person when I attended the Blogcademy back in September and she agreed to do a little interview for my blog! Yay!

1 – What is your favourite hang out in Portland?

My favorite hangout by day is any Stumptown Coffee location because of the good coffee and great people watching. By night, it is The Slingshot Lounge. The Slingshot is super friendly, plays awesome music, has a great food menu AND a photo booth! What more could you want?

2 – If you had to convince someone to live in Portland what would you say?

I probably wouldn’t try to convince anyone to move here! I am a native and most of my family lives here so Portland definitely feels like home to me. But over the last decade, it has changed a lot, in some ways for the better and some ways for the worse. We’ve still been able to retain a lot of the small town feel and uniqueness here but with the way it’s growing, I don’t see that lasting forever.

3 – We like shoes a little bit too much. What is your favourite pair of shoes ever?

My all-time favorite shoes are the Dries van Noten wedges from the Fall 2007 RTW collection. I have three pairs and they’re the shoes I’ll never give up!

4 – Where do you see your career going in the future? I’ve been following you for a few years online and you are an inspiration.

I just launched a boutique design studio last month called We Are Branch! As a freelancer, I knew it was finally time to step up, bring in some helping hands and take the work I was doing to the next level. It’s definitely been all-consuming but design is my biggest passion so I love it. I hope to continue growing as a designer while getting better at managing time and expectations which isn’t always easy!

5 – What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to not be so fearful and to take bigger chances. I’ve always played it a little safe, afraid of what might happen if something goes wrong. But in the last few years I’ve learned that the only way to achieve significant growth both personally and professionally is to take bigger risks. Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen. And once you put it into perspective, it’s easier to take the leap. I wish I would have figured that out earlier!

6 – Do you have any project in the works that we should keep an eye out for in the future?

Growing my client base with Branch is keeping me very busy and I am enjoying the new challenges. Besides that, I’m working on some new projects with The Blogcademy, the blogging workshop I co-run with Kat Williams and Gala Darling which is always a fun challenge because it’s a chance to both work on content and design it!

Thank you Shauna, for your time and gracefulness!


Free your mind and the rest will follow.

September 11, 2013

This weekend I attended the Blogcademy event. This was an event organized for people who are interested in taking their blogging to the next level and become pros at it, regardless of blogging as a support for a business, to gain revenue, etc.

We had Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride, Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet and Gala Darling of Gala Darling as our headmistresses. And why? Because these ladies know what they are doing and talking about. They have managed each in their own way to turn their blogs into their livelihoods and become leaders in their niches. The course was very informative and delivered in a very sparkly way.A friend who saw some of the photos commented he wasn’t sure I was having a meeting or a party. I told him that it was a bloggers seminar, it had to look and feel like a party!

I have to say that taking these #selfies with the pros made me realize I need to practice the blogger face a bit more, haha.

Kat getting involved.

I am glad I decided to enroll in the course because it really made a difference. For me it provided some structure and allowed me to organize some ideas in my mind about what I was already doing with my page and where I want to take it. I have now decided what I am doing with it and it’s a great feeling. Also getting some feedback from the pros (and mostly good) was an amazing confidence boost. Now I know I am not as bad as I thought I was and I know what areas I need to focus on, instead of having to worry about EVERY single detail. This has freed me from some of the pressure I have been putting on myself and it felt amazing. All of this was delivered along with servings of cake, sweets, and a fantastic goody bag with bunny ears from Crown and Glory (remember I interviewed Sophie here?) and a glittery stars necklace from Head Full of Feathers among other fabulous items. We can’t forget about the cute photobooth either!

One of my favourite things was meeting with like minded individuals who are mostly on the same page. Sometimes it is really hard to find people with whom we can discuss this blogging business, as most of our friends either don’t give a rats arse about it or don’t know what we are babbling about. I am happy to say I made some new friends and we are definitely keeping in touch! (Plus there were many ladies with amazing coloured hair. I think I’ve never seen so many in the same room at the same time!)

Tina of I Love Lotta and Jocelina from Pink Chocolate Break. These two ladies flew in from Switzerland and Holland to attend the seminar. Respect!

I also made my own goody bag, to give to my fellow blogcadettes and I was chuffed to see that everyone liked it. I made some illustrations, stuffed them in a pink envelope along with some gold star confetti, along with a business card and put it in my own tote bag, now also available to the general public. (If anyone is interested just drop me a line).

Lydia of Lydia Linnea modelling my bag.

I came back home with a brain full of ideas, totally over stimulated and with a new boost of confidence. And you know what? It really worked because yesterday I was offered my dream job. This really has been a week of wonders!