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My guide for men who never get replies on dating sites and wonder why

January 22, 2015
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Being a single gal in London isn’t easy, especially if most of your time is taken by work and blogging, both somewhat unavoidable. The rest of the time is spent with friends and occasionally drooling over some TV show on Netflix, when my old carcass feels too tired to actually move.

That said, male companionship is something that would be nice to add onto that list if things I’d like to spend my time on. I tried Tinder (“I’m going down, I’m yelling Tindeeeerrrr“), failed and was about to give up on the whole dating concept altogether when Urban Social came along. They offered me membership for free, so I could try it out and write a review. I thought it would be an interesting sociological experiment – if nothing else – and gave it a try. I filled in my profile, added a few photos (used the one that proved very popular on Tinder), and there I went.

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