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She’s in parties

August 14, 2013

And oh my what a party it was! Last weekend I traveled to London to attend Jayne’s birthday party at Roadhouse in Covent Garden and it was great fun. Jayne had decided we should all be dressed in tv or film characters so we all went in fancy dress.

Jayne looked amazing in her Poison Ivy costume. No wonder she is a beauty blogger, she is great with make up! If you want to look at her page, she blogs at Jayne’s Kitschen.

We rode the train in our costumes and we got lots of attention (some of it unwanted, who needs dirty catcalls? Boo!)

We finally made it to the venue and some more people were waiting for us. The place is quite big, has a huge bar, a wide selection of cocktails (and a happy hour until 7:30) and a live band. I spent the night drinking Strawberry Daiquiris and it was good. The decoration is a mix of Americana (lots of neon signs from gas stations and the such) and varied motifs on the projections – some with pin ups and others like Kraftwerk above, having fun fun fun at the autobahn. It was lovely to meet some of Jayne’s friends and a few giggles and a bit of a dance was had by everyone.

This one was taken at the end of the night as I was feeling a little bit chilly. So, this is what I wore to the party. Mask, Asos skirt, black peter pan collared top and Dr Martens boots, all via Ebay, bag from Target. I was called Batgirl, Catwoman… but none of those guesses were right. Can you guess who my character was? See it after the jump!

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It’s hard living the life of a party girl.

June 19, 2013

Last weekend I went out and about, for a bit of fun. On Friday a group of friends got together to celebrate Daniela getting a new job, so I had to dress accordingly:

Details: Turban – Lomography store in Lisbon, Jacket – H&M, DressBiba for house of Fraser, Shoes – Office, Acrylic Clutch, all via Ebay. This is possibly one of the most age appropriate dresses I own.

I ended the night assassinating Blondie’s Call Me on karaoke- this photo really made me laugh. Well, the next day it was time to attend a local festival, more precisely in Melton Mowbray, called the Hill Billy Rock Festival. It was organized by some people from work, to raise money for the LOROS charity. We arrived there very early, and just in time to catch the big shower of the day:

I suppose one cannot have a proper festival in England without a bit of rain! Good thing we came prepared and had big brollies to hide under.

I was totally photobombed here! Details of what I wore: Floral Head Band – handmade by fabulous Desiree, Parka Jacket – from a outlet shop in Manchester, Bag – From a swap with Lili, Dress – H&M, via Ebay, Tights – I don’t remember, Cardigan – Princess by Vera Wang, Long Sleeve Tee – Primark, Jazz Dance Boots – Ebay.

I am really glad I left the house to go to this event because I discovered 2 new things that I enjoyed very much. The first one was the luxury alcoholic ice cream from Melt’on. I tried the Irish Stout flavoured ice cream and I tell you, I wish I wasn’t on a diet as I wanted to try every other flavour on the menu… There was also Teq-Key-Lim’On Pie, Malilbu’On Coconut and pineapple, Eat’On Mess plus a few others and they all sounded delicious, I can tell you. This is a very new company, only 6 weeks old, their website is not yet finished but you can find them on Facebook here.

A lot of beer was consumed in the event. I actually behaved myself and had only a couple of small glasses of Pimm’s.

Local punk band XMA (and the said hillbillies).

Festival goers.

By the time the headliners came up on stage it was getting dark and frankly I had been wishing to go home for a few hours. It would appear that my partying days are behind me and the back and knee pain attested to it. However, the main band of the day was The Platforms and they were well worth waiting for. I had never heard of them before and were the second discovery of the day. They were really good and energetic and their renditions of classic glam rock tunes like Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls or Led Zeppelin, among others made my achy skeleton want to dance (plus the playful chords of Pantera’s Walk brought back memories). I danced and sang along the whole time and had a load of fun! Can’t wait to see them play live again.


And that was it. Sunday was spent in bed, recovering. I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I had drank beer or cider. My partying days are well behind me it seems. Ha well, I can still have fun in various different ways.

By the way and speaking of having fun, have you seen the latest issue of Vogoff? Melanie of Bag and a Beret made it and I am very honoured to have been included with such an international group of fabularse women. Click here and go look for Miss Dee Dee!


We’re having a (tea) party!

May 1, 2013

First of all, happy May Day! Although we are having the bank holiday next Monday, the 1st of May is the day of celebrating the arrival of Summer and in old Celtic times and the festival of Beltane. Sadly I won’t be dancing around the Maypole, instead I am at home recovering from yesterday’s surgery. Onward to the niceties…

Last Saturday me and some friends from work gathered at Chloe’s to celebrate Irene and Bex’s birthdays. Everyone contributed with something to eat, Laura prepared some activities and Tom brought the game Twister! We played treasure hunt, pass the parcel and Twister in the end. The parcel had animal masks in them, that we all happily wore. It was like a children’s party but who cares? We had a laugh and everyone loved it. The star of the party was baby Riley, brought in by his Mum Fiona, who at 9 months of age is a real gentleman. I swear I’ve never seen a baby as well behaved as little Riley Roo! I wish I could show you the photos of us. An all around good time was had, with a lot of food thrown in! Needless to say I didn’t eat anything else all day as I had to be rolled back home.

And what did I wear to the party? Details: Angora Sweater – South (via Ebay), Necklace – Anna Dello Russo for H&M, kindly purchased for me by my friend Fábio, Belt – H&M (also worn here), Tutu Skirt – Ebay (also worn here), Tights – Calzedonia (very old), Shoes – Irregular Choice (very old)

This is the jumper I am planning on applying some jewels to, in the same way I did here. Now that I’ve worn it without them, I’m not sure I want to add the jewels anymore. What do you think?

Hope you are having a good week.