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My Manifesto

September 18, 2013


Photo credits: David McNeil

After the first day of Blogcademy I was on the tube back to the hotel and words were dancing around in my head. After that first day my neurons had been so stimulated and so many ideas had been made clear that I finally felt ready to commit my Manifesto to paper. It is a declaration of intention, of objectives and letting the world know exactly who I am and what I am doing. As soon as I sat down in my hotel room I wrote it in under 10 minutes. The next day I was so excited about it that I showed it to Gala Darling and she liked it so much, she asked me to read it out loud to the whole class. It was with a mix of pride and embarrassment that I did it, but I am glad as my fellow Blogcadettes seemed to like it. As I’m afraid the majority of my blog friends weren’t there to see this, I thought I’d post it here. I hope you like it as much as I do, so here it goes.

I believe in having fun, laughter and being silly. I believe in colour, sparkle and funky shoes. I refuse to settle for black flats shoes and muted coloured clothes. I refuse to settle for sitting in front of the telly watching the soaps or reading the gossip magazines. I refuse to be told that I’m too old to enjoy the things that I like. 

You’re a grownup because you are responsible and considerate. You’re a grownup because you pay your bills. You’re a grownup because you are allowed to vote. You’re not a grownup because you are boring and serious all the time. You’re not a grownup because wear boring and uninspiring clothes. 

I’m a 30 something, who keeps being told she’s too old for some things and too young for others. The age of un-defined. On here I share the adventure that is my life and for now this is who I am. This will change and evolve, naturally. Will you join me on this journey? 


PS: That lovely and talented lady sat next to me is Jocelina of Pink Chocolate Break.