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I want complete control – dealing with change

May 10, 2014







Things are changing. At least for me. Sometimes you just realize that whatever you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore and then, something’s gotta give.

I was glad to hear that I am not the only one feeling a shift and a pull towards different and new things. It would appear that the stars have something to do with it – if you believe in Astrology, know that the Eclipses and something about a Cardinal Grand Cross may be the culprits. Regardless of who’s to blame, to me this is a process that has been slowly been evolving over the last few months. A need to renew things, purge unnecessary ones, and realign with my true self. It has been gathering momentum and now it’s in full swing. Like my The Clash tee says – I want complete control. Control of my life and my destiny.

I am currently taking small but sure strides in the pursuit of happiness, my happiness. Like a phoenix, I need to rebirth and this change will manifest in many forms. Slowly they will become apparent and the Universe will reveal what are the next steps of my way. For now, I have decided that I am refurbishing this little old space and will be taking it to slightly different paths. I want to be more creative and share more artwork, explore different concepts, talk about lots of other things. Stay tuned for more!

Outfit details: Jacket – Zara (from a swap), Skirt – Matalan, Shoes (unseen)- Irregular Choice, Cap – Primark, Cardi – H&M, T-shirt – The Clash (purchased at their pop up store in London)

I’m joining Share-In-Style, at Mis Papelicos –  the theme is “Pink” this Saturday. Join us there too!


Pink styling

November 20, 2013

I’m entering a competition by styling my favourite watch at The Watch Gallery. If I win, £200 worth of Selfridges vouchers will be coming my way and they would sure come in handy, with Christmas around the corner. I hope you like the outfit I picked, in all its pink cuteness.

Details: WatchHermes, Dress and boots – ASOS, Coat – Topshop, Bag – Lulu Guinness.

 I like doing these collages, reminds me of playing around with Polyvore back in the day. I used to spend hours playing with it and it was good fun. I don’t have much time to do it these days, unfortunately. I was looking at my old collages that I did some 5 years ago and I noticed that my style hasn’t changed much… See for yourself:

Did you ever use Polyvore? Which one is your favourite?


How to improve your life

October 25, 2013

Not that I would want to turn this into a fitness or dieting blog but the fact is that I’m not happy with my body and the way it’s been functioning. When I lived in Lisbon 3 and a half years ago I walked everywhere. Walking was not only necessary to get to places but also a pleasure. I lived in a very central area so walking around was something I did often, to meet with friends, go shopping, etc.  I also walked home from the office every day, and that equated to at least 2 miles. I also went dancing almost every weekend, which can be a workout in itself. I ate well and didn’t really have to deprive myself of anything.

Then I moved to England. I was told by a few friends that I would most likely gain weight and at the time I didn’t believe them. Nonsense! I thought. Well, turns out that they were right. Not only I gained weight (about 1 stone of it) but most importantly I lost any semblance of fitness I had and trust me, it wasn’t a lot. I don’t think my diet has changed all that much – chips and chocolates are everywhere in this country but I rarely touch them as I’m not that fussed. What changed was that I stopped walking.

I live in a small rural town and to be honest, there isn’t much to see. By the time I leave work at 5 the only places that are open are the pubs, the 24 hour supermarket and not much else. There are nice countryside trails to explore but to do it you have to drive there. As you know, I don’t own a car and I wouldn’t do it on my own or after dark anyway. So as you see, not a lot of places to walk around (not to mention that the cold here is a real bitch during most of the year!). Walking was once an enjoyable experience and now it’s just boring.

So I am now trying to lose weight (don’t tell me that I am not fat, I know I am not, I just want to lose what I gained and feel myself again) and get back into feeling fitter and more energetic. I don’t appreciate that when I finally spend a day walking somewhere, all I want to do is fall asleep and it takes me a day to recover.

Recently I felt so much stress I felt like running to release it but decided against it due to not having the proper footwear (unbelievable, right?). You see, I had a bad experience running with the wrong shoes a few years ago – my knees were hurting for 2 weeks and that’s not good as once the knees go you’re screwed for the rest of your life. It was a real shame as going out running along the river with Caroline was extremely enjoyable!

Last week I decided to not buy another pair of heels and invest in a decent pair of running shoes. I went to the local Sports Direct shop (one of the few shops that stays open after 5) and bought myself these Adidas Kanadia babies. I love them and I’m going to try running once again. Wish me luck!