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Jesse Dart – Photographer

July 16, 2014

Jesse Dart is a fellow travel enthusiast and a keen photographer. He is originally from the US but he currently lives in London with his wife. In the meantime, he as travelled and lived and several different countries and always takes his camera along the way. As soon as I saw his photos I knew I had to do a little feature on the blog and share his beautiful images with my blogger friends. I was drawn mainly to the beautiful texture on the landscape and architecture photos, that can only be achieved by shooting film. Thank you Jesse for sharing your adventures with us and agreeing to this interview!

What has been the favourite place you’ve ever been to?

A hard question to answer for sure, but probably most recently the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia which is really one of the most relaxed and completly Mediterranean places I’ve been to. Apart from there, Tasmania is so remote, so peaceful and tranquil and has some of the most beautiful and empty beaches I’ve ever seen. Not to mention amazing seafood and wine.

What is your dream destination that you would like to photograph?

I’ve been dreaming about Bali for awhile, and Southeast Asia. I’m fascinated by the colors, the contrasts, the light. I think it’s a part of the world that is still exotic and mystical.

Why do you prefer film over digital?

I learned on film from the very beginning, and after a brief stint into digital, I decided to go back to the beginning. What I like about film, apart from the obvious texture you get, the grain and resolution is the fact that it is still mysterious. Even if you’re the best photographer in the world when you shoot on film, you still don’t know exactly what each image will look like. Digital has taken this away from us and in the process a piece of the artistic aspect, I feel. For me, film is the medium that I connect with, that I feel not only represents who I am, but where I believe I can capture the image, feeling and emotion that I want.

I see you have a variety of themes on your portfolio, what’s your favourite subject?

I think of myself in someways as a reportage type of photographer, and try to focus on those types of subjects. I also like portraits, but in an informal setting, not in a studio. Travel also takes up a lot of my portfolio, and I’m constantly inspired by meeting and seeing new people, cultures and locations. I’ve tried my hand a a few different subjects like food, but I’ve found that I keep coming back to people, travel and architecture.

If you could pick a favourite place in London, what would it be?

I used to work near to the Leighton House Museum and in the summer months they have an amazing garden behind the house which is open and free to enter. I used to eat lunch there, and it was quiet, peaceful and usually empty. Full of huge trees, flowers, herbs and plants it is one of the best places in central London for a respite from the crowds, noise and urban landscape. Apart from that, I really like that London has so much green space, I’m constantly drawn to the parks all over town.

You can find more of Jesse Dart’s work here.


Round One! Fighting for a white smile!

May 20, 2014

IMG_9308 copy

IMG_9297 copy

Any excuse is good to come up with a fun photo concept, and this is what I thought of when I was asked to try and review the Smile Brilliant LED teeth whitening system. So what is it? It’s a teeth whitening product that uses a small electronic device with LED lights to accelerate the process.

IMG_9329 copy

IMG_9331 copy

It’s very simple to use and each kit will come with the LED light device, a gel pen (or more, depending on what you end up buying), a silicone mouth guard and a little brush.

All you have to do is apply a generous amount of gel with the twisty pen over your teeth, avoiding contact with saliva or your lips. The next step is to put on the mouth guard and turn on the LED device, which you’ll have to hold in your mouth – it’s not as hard as it sounds. I would recommend doing all this when you are able to just sit back, relax and watch a bit of TV, as you will have to keep the LED on for 20-45 minutes. It is also recommended that after you remove the light, to leave the gel on for another hour, which I did.


Excuse the extreme close up of my ugly teeth but it’s for comparison purposes. I did see a slight improvement, as I am a heavy tea drinker and it tends to stain my teeth. The first photo is the “before”, the second, of course, is the “after”. Can you tell the difference? I think that it’ll look a lot whiter once I do a few more treatments. I’d like to also add that each pen has enough product for several sessions. That is, if I don’t get them knocked out with a boxing glove first. Tee hee hee.

IMG_9302 copy

How about you, have you ever tried any teeth whitening treatments that work?