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ASOS #SocialSchool

December 11, 2013

Last Saturday I had once again the privilege of attending another event at ASOS. This time, Social School. Sedge Beswick, one of the social media ladies at ASOS promised to teach us everything there is to know about social media and so she did.

After a few nibbles, of course, which included branded cupcakes with several social media platforms.

We were shown a fun presentation, with a lot of interesting facts and statistics about social media and its platforms. We also played Social Bingo – each and every one of us got a card with several words and expressions that we had to cross out every time Sedge mentioned them. As with traditional bingo, the first one to complete a card got a present! I didn’t win anything on this first game but I did on the next…

As always, there is plenty of beautiful clothes around the activities room, that we all feel like taking home. As that is not possible, I just snapped a couple of photos.

After a break for more drinks, nibbles and chatting, we got back to the room and had a social media themed pub quiz. I got 2 questions right and got to bring home these festive accessories:

I also got a very cute iPhone 5 cover for my friend Filipa, as no one really wanted them.

I asked one of the girls to snap a photo of what I wore quickly, as this skirt was getting its first outing. Head scarf – Moschino, Hello Kitty Jumper – H&M, PVC Skirt – River Island (on sale, get it NOW!), Boots – Zara.

Once again, I thank ASOS for the opportunity to attend these events and be part of the group of Insiders.

PS: check the lowdown of the event at the Access All ASOS website for more details!