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Is it too late to talk about resolutions?

January 10, 2014

With all the travelling I didn’t have time or opportunity to write about my resolution for this year. After my savings have been depleted by travelling, shopping, driving lessons and replacing my old computer, it is now time to fill the pot again.

The wardrobe is bursting at the seams and needs some streamlining. For that reason I am not buying any clothes this year. That’s right. Not even those 99p bargains from Ebay. Reason being, I have no more space and I don’t really need a new pair of shoes (even if second hand) every week. I have plenty of items that still haven’t had a proper opportunity to shine either!

So,this is what is going to happen:

-I’m not buying clothes (unless it is something that needs replacing like tights and the such). The only exception will be when I am travelling as I always like to go shopping in other places. It should be the only indulgence I will allow myself.

-I’m not buying any fashion magazines either. I usually buy a few when I take the train but I should actually read the books I have been hoarding away and stop cramming my room with magazines. I usually cut them up and make clipping books out of them but I have no time for that.

-I’m going to try and alter some of the clothes I already own and hopefully learn how to sew properly, so I can make my own clothes.

-I’m not buying any more makeup unless it is something that needs replacing (like eyeliner, which I wear every day). I think I have eye shadow in all the colours of the rainbow and some more already.

-I’m not buying any more nail polish. I have all sorts of colours and shades, and only 20 nails to paint each time. I’d have to be a millipede to be able use all the polish I have in my lifetime.

-I’ll try to do clothes swaps as much as possible, as getting new different things is always interesting and exciting. the fact that I am attending one such event tomorrow at ASOS was synchronicity at its best (expect the full report next week).

-Be more realistic with my style and donate more clothes this year.

– In less words, enjoy what I already have a LOT more.

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions on how to get through this?

Outfit details: Beret – American Apparel (present from Linda), necklaceHead Full Of Feathers (from the Blogcademy goody bag), Stripy top – H&M, Dress – on sale in some mall in Florida, Cardigan – Bershka (I’ve had it for years, it has little mushrooms on it <3), Tights – Kohl’s (90 cents of a dollar), Sneakers – House of Holland x Superga (via Ebay), Nail Wraps – Models Own

Photos by Filipa, on our lunch break.

PS: I am adding this post to Sacramento’s Share in Style at Mis Papelicos – the theme this time is favourite colour – red white and blue is one of my favourite colour combos (so I keep saying too!)


Central Europe Vintage

August 23, 2013

I bought both dress and belt in Brussels when I was there a few months ago. I swear I nearly squealed when I saw the belt, it’s not only unusual but also in my favourite colour combo.  I am not sure of the decade of the dress but I suspect it’s either the 60’s or the 70’s. The belt is most definitely from the 60’s. The shoes are from Topshop and I bought them years ago when I visited the UK just a few months before moving here.

As I still have a lot of photos from my visit to Belgium to share, this is the perfect excuse to show a few I took on the day I bought these items. These were taken in Brussels when we went for a stroll at the Quartier des Marolles, a neighbourhood filled with vintage and quirky shops with a lot of fun street art to look at.