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Scrapbook Making for pros

June 4, 2014

IMG_9450 copy

I’ve always loved making scrapbooks. It’s almost an addiction – collecting all the pretty images from magazines, selecting the parts that I like and pasting them into a book, creating what I’d call “my own” fashion magazines. I’ve posted about them a few years back, if you’d like to take a look at a couple of examples. Besides this, I wanted to do a scrapbook for other loose bits and bobs that I tend to keep – event tickets, postcards that I am sent, a bit of pretty paper that it’s too nice to throw in the bin… and somehow the format I was using didn’t seem appropriate. So, I thought that a little folder would be the best way to make a book for all these things.

PicMonkey Collage

Supplies used (I got most of mine from Viking): 

– A5 binder and thansparent perforated pouches

– Dymo label maker (always wanted one of these, woo!)

– Spray mount (it looks a lot neater than using a regular glue stick)

– Assorted stickers

– Assorted sheets of coloured paper and shapes

IMG_9454 copy

So what do you do next? You start cutting and pasting. I had a bunch of postcards (the one below was sent by the lovely Desiree a while back).

IMG_9458 copy

In a couple of hours I filled a few pages and boy, was I on a roll. I added a few postcards, stickers, drew a little bit… and had a lot of fun! Making scrapbooks is good fun and in my case, a good way of organizing those loose bits and make them cool to look at.

IMG_9461 copy

IMG_9465 copy

I was clearly still very inspired by the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at the Tate!

IMG_9471 copy

Some of the cute wrapping paper Ella Goodwin sent with the last order I got from her website. It seemed too cute to just throw out.

IMG_9455 copy

I drew some sad, naked ladies, as you do.

How about you, have you tried your hand at scrapbooking yet?