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In Sheffield they met

May 6, 2014

Saturday was bloggers meet-up day up in Sheffield, organized by the lovely Curtise. A few of us (GiselaVixTaniaEm and Sandra)  answered the call and headed up to Sheffield for a day well spent having a good old chinwag, rummaging through the vintage market and basking in the sun.

It all started at the Town Hall steps… (photo by Curtise)



Inside, not only there were loads of pretty frocks to look at, but also some of the details were grand… vestiges of a different era.




I don’t remember what was being said but it either sent Vix to sleep or she was very pleased…


The group, after we finished going through every single stall in the market and made our purchases.


After the market, we headed to Wetherspoons for some food and drinks. We are classy so we drank mojitos and porn star martinis!


After we were fed and had a few drinks down we headed out to find some more vintage frocks and some more sh*ts and giggles.




We marveled at the amount of shell suits on display… and wondered if anyone ever buys them!



Had a bit of a walk around the city centre, saw the silver orbs and all the water features…


Walked through the Winter garden where a pool championship was happening….


And after sending Sandra on her way to meet her husband, sat down for the last hour or so that we had left before our trains left, for yet another drink.


Here’s a last one, with me included, that I stole from Curtise:


All in all it was a day well spent and I brought back a few goodies, between presents and a couple of 60’s summer dresses, I can’t really complain. x


LX Factory – best places in Lisbon

March 31, 2014

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory is an old warehouse compound in the Santos area of Lisbon, that has been transformed into one of the hippest places to be. By the time I moved to England it was already there but not as developed as it is today. For that reason I went and spent an afternoon there with Catarina of From Someone In Love. (click on the link for some more fab photos of the place). We had a great time and I really enjoyed meeting Catarina and her hubby in person.

LX Factory has everything: nice boutiques with cool clothes, cafes with delicious desserts, bookshops with miles and miles of books and antique shops with all sorts of old Portuguese memorabilia… At night you have not only restaurants available but also bars and other venues with concerts or the theatre. Just walking around is fun, as there is loads of street art and murals to look at (I’ll be sharing the street art in a separate post). To me, this is one of the best places in Lisbon at the moment. Don’t miss out, if you are looking for things to do in Lisbon.

PS: the massive poodles were spotted for Vix. Unfortunately they were too big and expensive, but I thought of you!

PS2: I don’t know what’s going on with the kinky rabbit… I just thought I had so share it, it’s so bizarre!

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX FActory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory Lisbon



Care Bears

March 17, 2014

Care Bears

And I am back! After being extremely poorly for a couple of weeks (trust me you’ll want to be spared the details) which culminated in a blogging absence, I am now back. I have a lot of new things to show you and I may even have a couple of extra posts this week, as I missed out on some work I should have done last week. Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me and were concerned – it means a lot! You know who you are, special props to all of you from the bottom of my heart. You are real life Care Bears.

Care Bears

To prove that I am feeling much better, I am posting the photos Filipa took this last Saturday, when we went out for a spot of shopping in town. I had a Matalan gift voucher to use and some extra discounts to use, so I went along. And I failed on my objective to not buy stuff. But… I did use the voucher and the discount and as soon as I got home, I filled another big bag with clothes to donate. Trust me, I’m getting rid of a lot more than I brought in. So yeah, I failed but I’ll get back on track, I’ve been behaving a lot better as a whole. I don’t know why I failed but it must have had something to do with being ill and all that… makes you feel like pampering yourself a little. Or so I tell myself. Regardless, I’ve been doing pretty well until now and getting a lot more conscious about what I want to wear and look like than before.

Care Bears

Without further ado, here’s what I wore: Bears Cardigan – C/o Just For 5 Pounds, Skirt – Ebay, Shirt – Made by my great Aunt, Tights – Oxfam (I think), Ring – Gifted by Oh La Lali, Shoes – Office, via their outlet on Ebay, Bag – Paul Frank (I’ve had it for years and got it from Ebay at the time), Hair BowAlternate Normality (from the Blogcademy goodie bag).

Care Bears

Right now I’m sooo excited for the arrival of Spring, I have so many plans! How about you?


Xmas Gift Guide

December 9, 2013

Since Christmas is right around the corner and I got a few neat things for myself and family, I thought I’d share them, in case anyone is struggling for ideas.

The gift of your time – I’m making this little cross stitch panel for Mr D’s Grandma. I just hope I can finish it on time to mail it to the US before Xmas!

The gift of fun – I got this festive and amusing necklace from Cheap Frills. This is a small company based in Brighton that will surely have something that catches your eye. Everything is handmade, very affordable with a lot of variety – I have trouble resisting them!

The gift of Art – Treat yourself or a friend to an item made by one of my current favourite illustrators – Ella Goodwin. I got myself this little mermaid cat wooden pin and received a bunch of really cute printed goodies with it. Make sure you have a look around her website and Etsy shop, as there are lots of different things to choose from. Isn’t she amazing?

The gift of memories – I discovered Stickygram a while ago via another blogger. I was immediately convinced as the concept is really simple but good: make your own fridge magnets or phone cases out of your Instagram photos! I decided to give a panel to my husband, with some photos of him, me, us and some shared moments. Get a $4 discount on fridge magnets or $5 on phone cases using the code FRIENDO3QD.

The personal gift – I got this pencil case* personalized with the word “Macaco” for my husband – it means monkey in Portuguese. It’s our affectionate term so only obvious that I’d use it. I got it from Special Moment, where you can find tons of items that can be personalized to your requirements (regular names and all). They have several price ranges, for £10 or under £10. Order before the 17th of December to get it in time for Christmas!

The gift of books – I brought this for my husband at TK Maxx. I love Rob Ryan’s paper cuttings illustration and the text is so beautiful. I definitely recommend getting it for that special someone. Get it at Amazon here.

I’m done with my Christmas shopping. Have you finished yours yet?

PS: items marked * are PR samples.


Portugal Week part 2

September 6, 2013

Hello again! Here are the too many photos of the second part of my visit. I hope you enjoy these too!

Monday was a pretty relaxed day: we went shopping in town (I got myself a couple of things in the sales, woohoo) had some nice food, relaxed and went to the beach with my friend and her daughters at the end of the day.

Mr D and I got his and hers emergency beach towels at the Chinese corner shop. They’re beautiful.

I wore a light cotton dress by Kookai that is perfect for hot Summer days and my Pucci sunnies (both via TK Maxx)

I also visited a church I had never before seen open. As with most churches (and you can find one on every corner) in Lisbon, the baroque art is very beautiful to look at. You can find a couple more images herehere and here.

We also climbed to the top of the Rua Augusta stone arch. It was a novelty for me as it has only opened to the public recently. I got to see the city from a whole new perspective!

You can see what the main street in downtown Lisbon looks like from above here and you can see what the arch looks like from the ground here.

The next day it was my birthday and I started it in the best way possible by visiting the Lisbon flea market with husband and friends. I did some great finds but I haven’t taken any photos yet. Hopefully I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks.

I wish I could buy the strange naif style paintings. I really loved the futuristic autobahn one, I wish I had asked for the price. I could always kept it for when I live in my own apartment again…

What a funny coincidence that there were two totally unrelated people selling the same image.

The funny thing about this photo is that the sign is misspelled.

It was so hot this cat was sleeping in the shade, under a car. I can see the ZZZZs in the photo!

I also visited this really good shop called Tesouros de Portugal (Treasures of Portugal). They don’t have a website yet but you can have a look at the facebook page here. I went in there because I was looking for one of our traditional northern scarves and I found it there! They have a lot of goodies, all of them authentic or handmade in Portugal. These days because of the tourism boom there are way too many shops downtown peddling cheap made in China imitations of our traditional arts and it’s a shame that a lot of people who visit don’t realize it is so. So when I buy something that’s traditional I actually prefer to pay a bit more and know I am supporting the artisans of my country.

Later that day I met with my family and we had dinner together. I got all dolled up for the occasion and had my first attempt at an updo. I am terrible at doing hair as I have had my hair short for most of my life! The dress is from one of the H&M Garden Collections and  I got it from Ebay. The see through clutch is from Bershka and I got it on sale the previous day. The sandals are the same golden ones from Topshop and the nail polish is by Kiko and was a present from my friend Sandrine.

The next couple of photos were taken by my sister Ines. She is 14 and has a fashion blog called Fashion Maniac. Most of it is in Portuguese but trust me when I tell you that she is good!

The next day I hauled my luggage back to the UK, making me want to come back soon!