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Week in Photos

June 23, 2013

How are you doing? I’m still very busy, going out and hanging out with friends. The weather is mild, some days even sunny, so might as well make the most of it! Friday was the Summer Solstive, I wanted to see the sunset but unfortunately there were no conditions for it as I was in Nottingham and couldn’t find a high place facing the right direction. Hey oh.

Yesterday I also spent the day in Nottingham and went to the movies to see Behind the CandelabraIt was fantastic, great performances from both actors, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Has anyone seen it yet?

This week I also set up a short survey about the blog, if you could please spare a couple of minutes of your time (it’s only 4 questions) please share your views with me here. It is much appreciated as I am always looking for ways to improve this humble page for your enjoyment.

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Week in photos

June 16, 2013

A busy week and two busy weekends. Wow, that’s a lot to catch up on!

Last weekend as I’ve mentioned already here, I went to London for some photoshoot action for Mod Dolly. I had a busy week at work and on Friday I went out for some fun, to celebrate a friend’s new job and yesterday to a local festival. Phew! Busy busy busy. I haven’t been the best of blog friends as I have been out so much and barely have to update mine… My sincerest apologies and I’ll try to compensate that soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the little snippets of how my life has been this week. I’m going back to bed now, standing up for the most part of 8 hours yesterday completely destroyed me!




Week in photos

May 5, 2013

As I’ve been at home recovering from the surgery the whole of this week and haven’t taken any interesting photos, I’m posting some of the images I saved from last week, when I had a bit too many! I hope you enjoy them even though they are not entirely fresh – it’s just a few bits and bobs taken around town and the such.

Grammar at “it’s” best.

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Don’t look over your shoulder but we are coming.

April 8, 2013

Last Saturday I hopped on the train to Sheffield, to meet with Curtise of The Secondhand Years for some quality time together. I had never been to Sheffield before and Curtise was a great guide and we did manage to cram a lot of stuff in my few hours in town. As soon as I arrived we headed to the Vintage & Craft Market, where we saw lovely creative things and highly covetable vintage wares. We both picked up a couple of things and had a chat with a few nice people. Curtise acted as the bank as with all the excitement when I arrived I forgot to mention I needed to stop by the ATM and had only a few pounds on me. Thank heavens one of us was paying attention!

(photo by Curtise)

(photo by Curtise)

There were a few different sellers with the cutest fascinators, decorated with teensy flowers, little birds, etc. I felt like picking up one of them but decided against it because frankly, it would be another one to join the ranks of the too outrageous to be worn out and left in a box to gather dust. After a nice light lunch in a cafe we headed to the outskirts for some charity shopping – that’s where the best shops are. We visited all of them on this road and found a couple of things we liked.

There’s Curtise!

After filling up our bags with second hand clothes we headed to the center and stopped by at the art museum. We didn’t have much time to see the exhibits – there was one about Ruskin that looked interesting enough – but I did get a look at the building itself. In the lobby they have these sculptures made of cutlery – how cool is that? Sheffield was once a center for the steel industry, so it is an important part of the city’s history and cultural references.

The Winter garden is lovely, a very nice spot to sit down and have a little rest if you’ve been walking for a while.

(photo by Curtise)

Here’s what I wore: Jacket – Primark, Bag – Target, Musical Dress – from Ebay, not sure where it’s from originally as the tag’s been cut off. Pink Angora Jumper – Jane Norman, via Oxfam, Shirt – Ebay, Shoes – Office, via Ebay, Cat Print Headscarf – Mango, got it many years ago on a trip to Porto. I was trying to hide the Oxfam plastic bag but it’s peering from behind my legs. I also have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever worn such a combination of moulting clothes – both the jumper and the jacket were shedding fur everywhere, I must have lost a pound of it throughout the city during the day.

The day was sunny and very pleasant and lots of peoiple were out, including these kids who were getting wet in these water spouts.

After all the walking we did we decided it was time for a bit of a sit down and a cheeky drink and a bit more of a chat.

It was a lovely day out and about with Curtise, she is as lovely and funny as she comes across on her blog. We will definitely get together again in the future for some more shenanigans. Thank you Curtise for showing me your city and putting up with my incessant chattering! And now, for the loot I brought back home:

Chelsea Girl hearts dress, M&S nautical sandals, Lulu London sort of poncho, deer figurine for my collection, present from Curtise.

1970’s Lurex bolero thingy, Golden bow sandals from Top Shop and Some big beads I mean to shorten.


Week in photos

April 7, 2013

Today is Sunday and time for another weekly roundup of what’s in my phone. I decided to change the format a little. What do you think?  I’ve been thinking about changing things a little around here and try to avoid huge posts you have to scroll for hours to read. Let me know your opinion.

So…. last Sunday I went to the movies with Filipa and Daniela and watched The Host. Whatever you do, don’t bother with it. Filipa and I were both sleeping at some point. It’s slow, pointless and they drag the non existent plot for 2 hours too long. In the end we were making jokes and giggling as otherwise the pain would have been too excruciating. Daniela is now forbidden from picking a film for all of us to watch for a while hehe.

I wore the forest print dress I got from Primark and a little bird ring I got from Matalan years ago, as no forest is complete without a little birdy.

One of my favourite badges ever. Daniela and I wearing shoes from Office we both got from Ebay.

This week Iain took me to the stables to see the horses to cheer me up. It worked. This rude horse kept sticking his tongue out at me. I think he just wanted treats.

Chicken gang.

Horse footsteps. First rays of sunlight I’ve seen in a while.

This old girl came around asking for some cuddles. Of course I obliged. There were some ponies around. They’re so cute 🙂

The lovely heart trousers and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. This is what I wore yesterday, on my way to visit Curtise of The Secondhand Years in Sheffield.

Waiting for my train in Doncaster. After a walk around charity shopping we went for a couple of drinks and lots of talking.

On my way back I saw the sunset. Possibly the first one I’ve seen properly in months. The quote is from a magazine I was reading on the train and that was said by Jessica Alba.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!